Pakatan Harapan Should Apologize To Malaysians for Inexcusable Behavior!


Many Malaysians find Pakatan Harapan’s behavior when the left mid way through the 2017 inexcusable.  Even before the walkout, the noises coming from their party members during Prime Minister Najib Razak’s reading of the budge showed a lack of maturity and decorum.

To make matters even worse; based on the conflicting reasons that various Pakatan Harapan members gave to why they staged a walkout, it is obvious that they are not clear to why it was done.  (Read more here!)

They were like minions blindly without a purpose in sight.

Out of respect to the nation’s leader and even more so to the rakyat; Pakatan Harapan should have opted for a different course of action than the circus they put on last Friday.

That course of action should have been to listen to the whole budget, but the problem seems to be that Pakatan Harapan has gotten so used to opposing everything the Barisan Nasional or PAS brings forth they (Pakatan Harapan) had forgotten how to debate the merits of what is being presented.

As criticism of Pakatan Harapan’s walking out during the reading continues to mount, they will try and fabricate /spin a story to cover for their miscalculation.  However, no matter how they spin their actions, the result will be the same; they walked out midway through the reading of the 2017 budget.

No doubt to deflect their very much warranted criticism, Pakatan Harapan will attempt to place blame for their last Friday fiasco squarely at the feet of the Prime Minister. Fortunately, the public has seen the inexcusable childish action Pakatan Harapan put on display.  That display may prompt the rakyat to vote in more mature MP’s next general election (GE14).

Malaysians want Members of Parliament to work for them and not to use their position to further their own agendas.  This includes listening to/ reading and examining the whole budget before commenting on its feasibility.  However, that all seems to be wishful thinking as is has become Pakatan Harapan’s modus operandi to carry out childish displays like that which had taken place last Friday as well as last year during the 2016 budget reading.

They (Pakatan Harapan) find it easier to use gimmicks rather than come up with ideas that actually require a thought process.  And they (Pakatan Harapan) rather use inexcusable reasons to cover their disrespect for the rakyat rather than do a day’s work and listen to the reading of the budget in Parliament!

Pakatan Harapan should offer an apology to the rakyat for their (Pakatan Harapan’s) blatant disrespectful behavior last Friday.


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