Pakatan Harapan’s Lost Credibility!


Pakatan Harapan in their lust for Putrajaya has lost credibility with the rakyat for the simple reason that the ‘rakyat’ was never part of their main agenda.  Their (Pakatan Harapan’s) main agenda seemed to always be to capture Putrajaya; and if that meant manipulating the rakyat’s trust to get there then so be it.

The growing politically savvy rakyat had the probably sensed that they were being used for in a power play when DAP led Pakatan Harapan started their onslaught of unfounded attacks against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.  Their (Pakatan Harapan’s) actions directed toward the Prime Minister seemed to clear up any doubts that they were only seeking grab power even if that meant deposing the nation’s democratically elected leader.

Many viewed Pakatan Harapan along with Tun Mahathir’s tsunami of accusations, innuendos and outright lies in trying to link Prime Minister Najib to 1MDB as an attempted coup d’état.

Fortunately for Malaysia’s democracy, the rakyat did not buy in wholesale to what the Opposition was attempting to do.  Conversely, the rakyat in Sarawak, Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar sent a strong message unequivocally rejecting the politics which Pakatan Harapan and Tun Mahathir were propagating.

Those Malaysians that voted for the Opposition in GE13 now clearly see that their votes were wasted Opposition as they seems more concerned about gaining power than they do the people.

As GE14 approaches it seems quite clear that those Malaysian that had voted Opposition in the previous General Election (GE13) are now prepared once again to give their vote and their trust to Team Barisan Nasional.

The decision to do so is viewed as pragmatic as the rakyat can look at all the government is doing to keep Malaysia moving forward even though globally things are a little stagnant.   On the other when the rakyat examines what Pakatan Harapan has to offer they (rakyat) comes away empty.

They only position Pakatan Harapan has to offer is the removal of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).  Of course they never say where the funds would come from to replace the funds the GST generated.

The promise to scrap the GST is Pakatan Harapan only offering candy, but lack real nutritional value in anything they have to offer.

While candy may taste good people know that too much sugar or foods devoid of any real nutritional value is a recipe for such bad health problems as diabetes, kidney and heart problems.

Suffice it to say that Malaysians do not want those types of maladies in their life any more than they want sugary laced empty rhetoric Pakatan Harapan and Tun Mahathir are peddling.

Not wanting junk food, the rakyat has come to the realization that what the government offers is by far more substantive than anything Pakatan Harapan has brought forth.  Little wonder as overall, Pakatan Harapan is more fixated on grabbing power and buying property below market value (Penang Menteri Besar LGE) than on the real needs of the rakyat!


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