Pakatan Harapan And Minions Prayed Their Fate Would Not Rest On GE14!


It is safe to say that Pakatan Harapan (DAP, PKR, Amanah) hoped that their fate would not have to come down to GE14 as that would without a doubt be the proverbial straw which would break their collective backs.

How things have change.  This time a year ago Pakatan Harapan along with Tun Mahathir thought that 2016 would have them installed as the kingpins and certainly the king makers in Malaysia.  However, instead of being kingpins they found themselves as bowling pins being knocked down repeatedly.

It may have also been around the same time when the unnatural alliance of Pakatan Harapan, ANC, Tun Mahathir and their assortment of other players were prematurely patting each other on the back for a job which they thought was well done.

The job in reference was to remove the democratically elected Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Najib Razak from office.

The cohorts may have even gone so far as having discussions on which cabinet posts would be given to which party; in other words diving up the spoils of war.

However, what they probably did not discuss at that time was the release of de-facto Opposition leader Datuk Anwar Ibrahim from prison.  After all why would that even be discussed as the Opposition conglomerate believed that victory was at hand without his assistance so they seemed more than content to allow him to finish his time behind bars.

It was also around a year ago that many people believed that Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali was making his big play to become the new Opposition leader or at least to land a higher post in government.

Perhaps while Azmin Ali was dreaming of his next big move, Tun Mahathir was already licking his chops over the idea that his son would soon be one position (DPM) away from becoming Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Still while all of this dreaming was going the Opposition grossly overlooked the most important factor in all of this; the rakyat.

Pakatan Harapan and all of those with them have failed to understand that it is because of the trust the rakyat has in Team Barisan Nasional and Prime Minister Najib Razak that they have been given the mandate to lead the nation.  It is this mandate which has to be of concern for Pakatan Harapan as they and their cohorts have all but admitted that they cannot defeat Barisan Nasional in a straight fight.  That is why Pakatan Harapan, Tun Mahathir et al were hoping to unseat Najib before GE18.  They knew that if he were still in office prior to GE14 that would be a clear signal that they were defeated.  And the last time I checked, Najib Razak was still in office!


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