The Probability of Pakatan Harapan Winning GE14; The Same As Seeing Halley’s Comet In 2018!


Pakatan Harapan is beginning to realize that the probability of their coalition winning GE14 in 2018 or earlier have the same odds as sighting Halley’s’ Comet in 2018; less than zero!

Just to put that in perspective consider the following fact about Halley’s Comet:

Halley’s Comet is arguably the most famous comet. It is a “periodic” comet and returns to Earth’s vicinity about every 75 years, making it possible for a human to see it twice in his or her lifetime. The last time it was here was in 1986, and it is projected to return in2061

Think over that….Seventy Five (75) years.  That would almost explain the fading experiment that made up the Opposition.  The last victory for the then Pakatan Rakyat (now Pakatan Harapan) was in 2008.  Since that time the only noise they made of any political note was Selangor.  So if 2008 was the tail of Opposition blip on the political scene then they will have to wait until 2083 or thereabouts before they make their next appearance of any significance.

Knowing that victories have been few and far between, Pakatan Harapan led by the DAP has switched to full confused panic mode.  There are those in the coalition like Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali trying to make overtures to PAS even though the obvious leader party in Pakatan Harapan (DAP) no longer want to deal with PAS directly as they (DAP) view PAS as having spurned their love.

Amanah who left PAS and who are now taking their running orders from the DAP also do no not look happily to PAS coming back to the Pakatan Harapan fold as that would relegate them (Amanah) to even lesser significance than they presently have in the coalition of unequal’s!

Also trying to emerge from political obscurity are both former DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and former Kedah Menteri Besar Mukhriz Mahathir.  Both of these men, if you do not count Tun Mahathir make up the top two (2) posts in Parti Pribumi Bersatu or Pribumi.

Muhyiddin and Mukhriz have of late been trying to find their voices on the political scene.  We have seen them during their recent press forays make statements on forming a grand opposition coalition with PAS included and showing up at Anwar’s court appearance all in an effort to pump like in their own political careers and to try to keep Pribumi in the public eye.

What they (Muhyiddin Yassin, Mukhriz) as well as Tun Mahathir are saying is that they believe that they have as much chance of winning GE14 as they have of spotting Halley’s Comet in 2018.  In fact, Tun Mahathir who tried to in an undemocratic manner to unseat Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is hinting that they Citizen’s Declaration and all the other gimmicks have failed.  Mahathir says if the Malaysian rulers do not act on his ‘Citizen’s Declaration’ the only choice is to follow the democratic approach (novel idea) and leave the rakyat to decide at GE14.  (here)

The DAP with their Pakatan Harapan surrogates also know that Tun Mahathir’s failure is their failure as well as they were intricately joined with him (Mahathir) at the hip.

Now Pakatan Harapan’s realizes that the probability of their GE14 victory is the same as spotting Halley’s Comet in 2018!


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