Pakatan Harapan; The Walking Dead!

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Even though I am not a fan of TV, I still on occasion hear a quirky comment made about a program or two (2) that people watch; ‘The Walking Dead’ is one of those programs. From what can fathom, the story is all about zombies (the walking dead) and those who are trying to preserve their lives by avoiding the always ravenous un-dead.

It makes you wonder, if the un-dead do not eat, do they die again?

Well I listened to a couple of people banter on about the program and I could not help but see the parallel between ‘The Walking Dead’ and Pakatan Harapan.

Pakatan Harapan has become this entity that just seems to exist without being alive.  They walk and talk, but do so all without any clear direction. It is as if they are going through the motions of a political opposition party, but do not have an agenda other than attacking the Prime Minister and the government; a government mind you that is working for the good of the nation.

If by chance Pakatan Harapan’s entire political strategy is cantered around removing Prime Minister Najib Razak from office, then their efforts to date prove that they are truly dead from the neck up.

The rakyat who are probably familiar with the TV series (The Walking Dead) may have already made the subconscious connection as Pakatan Harapan fits the role of zombies perfectly; which could be the reason why voters did not give them their vote in the previous elections.  After all, the rakyat in this scenario is casts as hero or the survivors who do not want to be infected by whatever caused Pakatan Harapan to behave zombie like.

On the other hand; the government following Prime Minister Najib Razak is providing what the rakyat wants; stability, leadership education and economic development even in global economic hard times.

The government embodies the same positive attitude that has propelled Malaysian athletes to success in the two (2) 2016 Rio Olympic games.  It is this type of determination that drives Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak even when the naysayers (DAP led Pakatan Harapan) proclaimed his (Najib’s) defeat.  However, like those who survive the walking dead, Prime Minister Najib Razak also has shown the resiliency toward survival while continuing his work for Malaysia.

As for Pakatan Harapan they will continue in their zombie walking dead state or as the young boy in the movie ‘The Six Sense’ eluded; they don’t know they are dead.

Case in point Lim Guan Eng still believes he was the luckiest man in Malaysia or Asia having purchased a house at way below market value. To borrow another line; ‘Dead man walking!( here )



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