Mahathir Needs Surrogate ‘Sugar Daddy’ To Help Son’s Fading Political Career!

Tun and Son

Former Kedah Menteri Besar Mukhriz Mahathir cannot seem to catch a break.  First he is a son who has inherited none of his father’s (for better or worse) political skills!

Mukhriz seems like a child who is perpetually expecting something to fall on his lap without the least bit of effort on his part.  Let’s be honest, even runners who are in last place eventually cross the finish line; Mukhriz is still stuck in the starter’s box waiting for his daddy to bring the finish line and lay it at his feet.

Maybe there was a time when his father (Tun Mahathir) could pull off such a feat, but those days have long since vanished.  Now Mukhriz’ sugar daddy (Tun Mahathir) has been reduced to pathetically feigning apologizes and begging former political enemies for help to scratch his itch; the that involves his son climbing the political ladder.

Tun Mahathir’s less than ‘Tun’ like performance cannot be sitting too well with Mukhriz Mahathir as he was under the belief that his ascension to the top of Malaysia politics was a foregone conclusion and all he needed to do was to roll out of bed, echo a few of his father’s fabrications against Prime Minister Najib Razak and continue his roll over to the big office in Putrajaya.

Or so he thought.  His sugar daddy (Tun Mahathir) no longer has the political capital to get the big jobs done.

In this case the big jobs comprise removing Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak from office and placing his son Mukhriz in a position to eventually take over as the nation’s top political leader.  However, Tun Mahathir cannot deliver on neither of those.

Truth is told he has not been able to deliver on much as of late.

Tun Mahathir could not deliver votes for the DAP led Pakatan Harapan in Sarawak, Kuala Kangsar, or Sungai Besar election and by-elections respectively.  Adding insult to injury, Tun Mahathir could not even save his own son from losing his position as Kedah Menteri Besar and from being put out of Umno.

Now Tun is hoping that is dead in the water political party (Pribumi) can be the vehicle that can move Mukhriz forward (here)

Although both Tun Mahathir and Mukhriz know that he (Mukhriz) does not have a snow ball’s chance in ‘Hell’ of capturing the big seat in GE18, he still hopes that he can make have a symbolic victory so that he can make a run for the big office around 2021 or 22.

However in order to accomplish this a new sugar daddy is needed.  The problem is new sugar daddies are hard to come by, especially when they know all too well that Mukhriz brings nothing, but his family’ name with him.

So maybe that is what Tun Mahathir is trying to do as he makes his way round apologizing to anyone and everyone; find his son Mukhriz a new surrogate sugar daddy that will do the heavy grunt work and allow Tun Mahathir to take the credit. As for Mukhriz, he will still be a the starters block waiting for the finish line to be put in front of his feet!

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