If Mahathir Admits Lying In The Past; Why Should He Be Believed Now!


Time waits for no man and that includes former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir.  Tun is looking at the GE14 political hour glass and sees that far less sand remains then when he had started his campaign to remove Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak those many moons ago.  In fact, it is almost safe to say that the sand has flowed from Tun Mahathir’s hour glass into the Prime Minster Najib Razak’s as it certainly appears that time is on his side.

From the beginning of his attacks on the integrity of the Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir has done all he could to get Prime Minister Najib Razak to fight according to his rules.  The rules he used to overpower many in the past.

Tun Mahathir made accusation after accusation hoping to place the Prime Minister on the defence at which time Tun Mahathir keep him (the Prime Minister) in a perpetual loop of having to defend himself.  However, for all of his (Tun Mahathir’s) baiting and prodding there was scarcely a response from the Prime Minister.  In reality, Prime Minister Najib Razak silence spoke volumes.  Undoubtedly what Tun Mahathir heard in the silence was ‘You Tun Mahathir do not dictate when and how I address issues

When Tun Mahathir confidently believed that he could ambush the Prime Minister during the June 5th 2015 ‘Nothing To Hide’ forum held at PWTC he (Tun Mahathir) again came up empty as the Prime Minister probably became aware of Tun Mahathir’s intent; leaving Tun to climb up on stage and ramble before someone turned the microphone off.

Tun Mahathir continued in vain trying to find the means to face off with the Prime Minister, but the Prime Minister cared little to neither entertain Tun Mahathir nor give credibility to his bogus accusations; instead he (Najib Razak) continued his work for the nation.

With each set back, Tun Mahathir could see his chances of unseating the Prime Minister and getting son Mukhriz elected slipping further away.  This is probably what caused him to beg Datuk Anwar Ibrahim for any type of help (even symbolic) that he (Anwar) could render from Sungai Bulow.

But help comes with a price so now the dilemma that Tun faces is whether he can afford to pay what Anwar may want for his help.

So here lies the question; will Tun Mahathir jeopardize what is left of his fleeting credibility and say that Anwar Ibrahim was never involved in immoral activities?

It would seem that Tun would probably have an easier path in saying:

After further investigation Prime Minister Najib Razak is in fact innocent of any impropriety involving 1MDB.

At this point in time, for Tun Mahathir to try and spin the accusations he made against Anwar Ibrahim by making a retraction will only be seen as politically motivated and completely self serving.

Furthermore, Anwar is no longer incarcerated based on his original  conviction and anything Tun Mahathir has to say which contradicts what he said in the past reflects negatively on him.  The logic would be if he (Tun Mahathir) lied in the past about Anwar, then what does that say about his statements against Prime Minister Najib Razak!

Tun Mahathir is the perfect example of being caught between a rock and a hard place!

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