When It Comes To Hypocrisy, The Opposition Is Consistent!

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It is ironic how those in the Opposition (Pakatan Harapan) are lending their voice of approval over the meeting of the meeting between Tun Mahathir and Datuk Anwar Ibrahim.  Even Tun Mahathir said that if he can work with Lim Kit Siang (his enemy) than he can work with Anwar Ibrahim.


However, when PAS and UMNO come together to discuss matters which are good for the nation then there is widespread panic and disdain from the DAP, Pakatan Harapan in general and Tun Mahathir



It appears that it is OK for anyone and everyone to discuss areas of mutual cooperation with the exception of UMNO.

It is obvious that the idea of the two (UMNO/PAS) cooperating sends political chills down the slithering backs of those who see this type of union as a death nail to any last ditched hopes they have for GE14.

However, while the DAP led Opposition fumes over PAS/UMNO meetings, smiles and handshakes,  they feel no distain toward the three (3) UMNO malcontents former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, former Kedah Menteri Besar Mukhriz and the former Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who for years lambasted them; even though it is becoming clear day by day that those three (3) malcontents have their own agenda which has nothing to do with the good of the rakyat, but everything to do with their ambitions.

Here is a snippet: If Tun Mahathir gets his son Mukhriz positioned as the eventual Prime Minster then the latter would be in the position to get his father’s pet crooked bridge project back on the table.

Mukhriz could even appropriately name the ‘crooked bridge’ after his father; calling it the ‘Crooked Tun Mahathir Bridge’.

As far as Tan Sri Muhyiddin is concerned; what he wants is the title of Prime Minister of Malaysia no matter how short the duration.  Then after all is said and done he can proudly wear the moniker of former Prime Minister as the deputy tag has left a nasty taste in his mouth.

However, Tun Mahathir’s time table has been stalled as he has met set back after set as he fully realizes that unseating Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak is no simple matter and the man he wants to be the temporary Prime Minister has troubles of his own.

The above has forced Tun Mahathir to act like a cornered animal that sees his only means of help is to call on someone who he refers to as being an immoral man; which is ironic when you consider the following article:


It is also ironic that DAP led Opposition does not see the hypocrisy in their applauding Tun Mahathir meeting Anwar Ibrahim and yet heavily criticizing their former partner PAS’ meeting with UMNO.

But then again that is what we have come to expect of the DAP led Opposition as they also did not now call for Lim Guan Eng to step down as Penang Menteri Besar over a business impropriety  allegation, but called for the Prime Minister to do so even though proven innocent.  When it comes to the Opposition one thing is certain; they are consistent when it comes to hypocrisy!


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