Azmin Put In His Place; Now Says PKR, Mahathir Alliance Needs Anwar’s Approval!


It was not too long ago that Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali was positioning himself to sideline both Datuk Dr. Wan Azizah and her incarcerated husband; de-facto PKR leader Datuk Anwar Ibrahim.

During his own little coup attempt in the making, Azmin Ali was giving the impression that he was making the shots for the party and therefore did not to seek Anwar Ibrahim’s and especially Datuk Wan Azizah’s approval. We all remember this:

His actions were in direct contradiction to the position his own party PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat Pakatan) and their alliance partners in Pakatan Harapan had taken.    In his public persona of speaking for the party, Azmin Ali hoped to gain a ground swelling for his takeover bid.  On Wan Azizah’s part, she could do little more than make excuses to try and cover what amounted to a house (PKR) becoming divided.

Azmin Ali’s next move to embolden his position was to try to and hedge his political bet by aligning himself with Tun Mahathir’s ‘Save Everything but Anwar Campaign

It is worth noting that saving Anwar was as important to him (Azmin Ali) as it was for Tun Mahathir (when he didn’t need him) ranking right up there with getting a root canal just for the heck of it; which should make it clear that Azmin Ali was happy with Anwar Ibrahim snuggled up right where he was in Sungai Bulow.

After it became clear to Anwar Ibrahim that Tun Mahathir’s ‘Save this and that’ rally did not include him; Anwar had his wife pull the plug on any PKR participation.   However, that did not deter Azmin Ali from continuing to work with Tun Mahathir ‘Without’ Anwar Ibrahim’s approval.

Mahathir and Azmin

After all, Azmin Ali probably thought that Tun Mahathir was his quick path to not only becoming the head of PKR, but a possible future deputy Prime Minister’s post.

Azmin Ali like Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin believed it was sooner rather than later for him to move up the political ladder.  However, like Icarus whose wings of wax melted when he tried to fly too high; Azmin Ali crashed after the private PKR letter was conveniently made public.

With Anwar’s direct/indirect warning to Azmin; Azmin knew that he had to make a hasty retreat way from Tun Mahathir least he too would end up like Muhyiddin Yassin; outside looking in.

These days Azmin Ali is singing a different tune; where not too long ago he was acting as if he needed no approval, he now says any political alliance with Tun Mahathir has to be approved by Anwar Ibrahim.

Perhaps it was Muhyiddin Yassin’s sacking that scared Azmin Ali back to political reality


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