Mahathir’s Over-inflated Ego Prevents Him From Supporting His Successors!

Tun's Choice

It would be easy to attribute Tun Mahathir’s antics to his moving along in years, but that would be a grave disservice to all of those who have been just as long or longer.  Saying as much would also give Tun Mahathir an excuse of his folly and beacon people to forgive him because of his less than cognitive relapses.

No, what Tun Mahathir has been engaged in is a diabolical plan to remove Malaysia’s sitting Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.  Not only has he been actively involved in this plan, but has on numerous occasions led the charge with lies, slanders and fabrications.

His (Tun Mahathir) doing that and much more shows that he is very much aware albeit delusional in those things he has been propagating in his effort turn public perception away from the Prime Minister.

The main factor which seems to drive Tun Mahathir appears to be his overinflated ego.

The overinflated ego manifests itself in that form of no one being able to run Malaysia’s government, but him.  So while he did (reluctantly) step down from office, he still wanted to hold on to the reins of power; if not directly, indirectly in order to fashion Malaysia in his own image.

This not wanting to relinquish control was manifested through his pressuring former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi out from office.  Now, as has been stating, he is trying to pressure Prime Minister Najib Razak out of office as well because he like the previous Prime Minister would not listen to him.  However, the removal of Prime Minister Najib is proving more difficult than he and those who are helping him have anticipated.

Prime Minister Najib Razak is an able statesman and politician.  He was well aware that when he came into office he had two (2) options;

  1. He could have governed in the cage and allowed Tun Mahathir dictate to him what to do or..
  2. Do what is best for the country by being the uncompromising leader the rakyat expects him to be.

Obviously had Prime Minister Najib chosen option 1, Tun Mahathir would be singing the Prime Minister’s praises instead of incurring his wrath.  Be it as it may; Tun Mahathir’s 2016 wrath is a far cry from what it was during the period he was at the head of government.  During those days Tun Mahathir could be compared to an unfiltered, roll your own cigar; now he is the equivalent of a raspberry flavoured E-cigarette that blows out fake information for all those within breathing distance to take in.

What is more troubling is that Tun Mahathir honestly believes that only he or someone he can control can run Malaysia.  He has forgotten that there were giants before him and there are giants after him.  The understanding of this is not lost on Prime Minister Najib Razak which is why he says he will not interfere with his successor’s leadership and allow the leader the freedom to lead. (here)

That is why confident leaders are not afraid of the footsteps behind them.  They work to clear the thorns from the path knowing that by doing so they are helping the leader and  the rakyat the leader serves.





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