PAS Doesn’t Need Wooing To Choose Their Friends!

Prime Minister and Hadi Awang

It appears that PAS’ decision to leave the fractured still is still causing hurt among Pakatan Harapan and their surrogates.  First we have Lim Guan Eng insulting PAS leadership in stating that they (PAS) cannot manage Kelantan.  Now there is a report stating that Prime Minister Najib Razak wooed PAS with a large sum of money as a ‘bribe’ for them to ditch their former Opposition cohorts.

Supposedly, the price tag for wooing these days is around RM90 million.  Would it surprise anyone at this point that the Opposition will next hint or come out and say that the RM90 million also came from 1MDB; as 1MDB seems to be the perfect whipping horse the Opposition likes to use when they want to attack the Prime Minister.

So if there motive is to go after the Prime Minister, why go after PAS?

The strategy is to try and insinuate that the Prime Minister is involved with so many financial indiscretions that PAS would move away from the Prime Minister out of fear that their supporters would believe the lies which are being told about the Prime Minister.

Look at the timing of the RM90 million wooing report.  There is yet another Bersih rally coming up (I think this makes number 5) and the Opposition particularly the DAP needs more Malay faces in the crowd as they do not want people to see that they are the main instigators behind Bersih.

The Opposition (Pakatan Harapan) would like to taint PAS imaging in order to trick the Malays to come out and support Bersih.  It could be that Amanah when asked how to anger PAS supporters said that the best way to upset PAS loyalists is if create a scandal around the party where it would appear that money and not principles is influencing PAS’ decisions.

However, instead of scaring PAS into pulling away from the Prime Minister, the opposite seems to have taken place as PAS says that it will sue the Sarawak Report’s slanderous statement.(here)

PAS is an independent party which does not need cajoling or wooing when it comes to deciding who they choose as friends.  As stated in an earlier piece, PAS and UMNO have many shared interest which would make it natural for them to cooperate.

The Opposition does not want this as they realize that they (Opposition) would have little chance to secure any type of significant victory in GE14 when PAS and Team Barisan are working together for a better future of all Malaysians.

Perhaps the report  should have been about how Amanah was wooed away from PAS and who was behind that!



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