Najib Didn’t Want The Job That Muhyiddin Is Willing To Do; Be Mahathir’s Caretaker Prime Minister!


In a recent Indonesian interview Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak stated that he knew that had to make a choice; be Tun Mahathir’s puppet or be his own man; he choose the later.(Read it here)

As a result of Prime Minister Najib Razak’s decision to not bow down to Tun Mahathir’s will, he has become the recipient of the furor that Tun Mahathir is known to unleash.  This furor is not kind that manifests itself as when one succumbs to road rage.  Tun Mahathir’s is methodical in his approach as to not give the impression that none of what he is doing to remove the Prime Minister is personal .

Tun Mahathir tries to give the rakyat the impression that he is enacting retribution on their behalf and therefore the people should support him.

However, he (Tun Mahathir) tries to paint it, his actions are because the Prime Minister stood up to him and said I am my own man!

Prime Minister Najib Razak knows that he is entrusted with a mandate from the people and for him to follow a program that Tun Mahathir wanted carried out would be to break oath he made to serve the people.  Yes, Prime Minister Najib Razak’s mandate is to serve all Malaysians and not just Tun Mahathir.

Since Tun Mahathir’s effort to unseat the Prime Minister has all but failed through declarations, rally, teaming up with previous sworn enemies and elections, he is now attempting to start his own party with the sole purpose of dislodging Barisan Nasional.

The rakyat should take note that the stated goal of Tun Mahathir’s party is to try and get rid of another political party and has nothing to do with the people.  Of course he (Tun Mahathir) or his cronies would try and justify the statement and suggest that their actions are for the people.  However, when one looks at the makeup of his proposed party’s leadership, we still see in particular two (2) familiar faces; Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Tun Mahathir’s son Mukhriz.

On former deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s part, he is more than willing to perform in the role as Tun Mahathir’s puppet for as long as he is required; which will just so happen will be until Mukhriz is ready to step up or the cows come home; whichever’s first.

It has become obvious that for individuals (opportunists) like Muhyiddin Yassin, it is better to reign as someone’s footstool than to be your own man.  For him, having the title of Prime Minister is paramount; the people be dammed!

Muhyiddin will do and say whatever Tun Mahathir wants him to do and say just to be in position for the top government post if by some chance the planets are aligned in a formation which has not happened in a trillion years and Mahathir is able to pull off what he could not do recently; be a factor that can win elections.

Maybe having his own party with his son Mukhriz and Muhyiddin Yassin in top positions is what Tun Mahathir had in mind along when he did not answer questions in the past on who he wanted to see as Prime Minister and deputy Prime Minister.

As many have suspected, he has always had the puppet Muhyiddin in mind when he started his attacks to remove Prime Minister Najib Razak from office.  Tun Mahathir found out that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak did not want the job that Muhyiddin is willing to do and that job is to be Tun Mahathir’s caretaker Prime Minister!


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