The Opposition Has Thrown Everything But The Kitchen Sink At Najib And He’s Still Standing!

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When one examines what Prime Minister Najib Razak has had to endure over the last couple of years, it is amazing that he still has the stamina and the will to stay on the job.  There are not too many who could stand up to the barrage of slander, innuendo accusations and lies which were thrown in his direction.

Of course in politics there is the degree of tongue in cheek things which are part of being part of a democratic multiparty system.   One could almost view a civilized exchange like what would view in a fencing match.   There is a sense of elegance at play when the intellect is involved.

However, what Pakatan Harapan has been doing is anything but elegant.  It has become sleaziness and cow pies all rolled into one toxic head.

You would almost think that the manner in which the DAP, PKR, Tun Mahathir et al go after the Prime Minister is as if he had said something derogatory about a beloved member of their family.

Pakatan Harapan and those loosely connected with them are so blinded by their desire for power that they have resorted to saying and doing anything in order to achieve their goal; even if that means skirting around Malaysia’s democratic process.  After all in their minds; the end justifies the means.

So Tun Mahathir, Pakatan Harapan and their ilk have been accusing the Prime Minister of one form of theft or another.  We have all witnessed hearing the PM’s detractors accuse him of siphoning off from 1MDB RM billions and then depositing the ill gotten gain in his local bank account.

His accusers have come up with every imaginable and some very incredulous ways to try and link the Prime Minister to a financial scandal for the sole purpose of trying to remove him from office.

The likes of Tun Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan know that they cannot remove Prime Minister Najib Razak through the ballot so they see their only choice is to throw as much dirt as they can at him and hope that some of it sticks.  The Prime Minister’s detractors have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at him and yet he’s still standing.




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