The Prime Minister’s Confidence Must Be Driving Tun Mahathir Crazy!

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As 1MDB makes what is looking more and more like it summer pilgrimage, Malaysians can see Minister Najib Razak displaying the same confidence that he displayed this time last year when the war drums were beating.

Tun Mahathir, one of the loudest voices when it comes to saying that the Prime Minister should step down is once again looking for anything to help his stated cause of removing Prime Minister Razak from office.

Like a rabid animal biting anything within reach, Tun Mahathir is chomping on the civil suit lodged in the USA hoping that it will help spread the venom that he has been trying to spread among the citizens of Malaysia.

Tun Mahathir and the rest of Pakatan Harapan would love for the rakyat to believe that an insinuation or even the lodging of a civil suit is somehow the same thing as being convicted of wrong doing.

If one were to be tried and sentence based on an insinuation alone then most, if not everyone would find him or herself locked away in Sungai Bulow.  The Anti Najib Campaigner (ANC) has to come to grips with the reality that wishing for the Prime Minister to be liable does not translate into an actual conviction.

The very fact the Prime Minister welcomes and will fully cooperate with the US Justice Department in their investigation should provide proof that he (Prime Minister) is not acting like a guilty man.  When people are guilty of a crime to the magnitude that Tun Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan believe the Prime Minister is guilty; the guilty party would give a number of excuses to why they cannot cooperate with.  A guilty person would not subject themselves to the scrutiny which takes place under such a search for truth.  However, even with that said, there has to be an actual search for truth and not some question and answer farce that Tun Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan want to subject the Prime Minister.  The Prime Minister will not allow the office of Prime Minister to be denigrated like that.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has without moment of hesitation said that he will fully cooperate with the USA to address issues involving 1MDB.  Prime Minister Razak’s response was without a doubt not what Tun Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan were hoping to hear.  They would have loved for the Prime Minister to come out with some type of an excuse to why the Malaysian government would not be available to cooperate.

Had Prime Minister Najib Razak stated otherwise, the ANC would certainly have taken that for an admission of guilt in much the same way as they take everything else as a sign of guilt.   Unfortunately for Tun Mahathir and the other conspirators, the Prime Minister did not take a ‘We are Malaysia and therefore we are not obligated to assist in an International investigation’ approach.

The Prime Minister confidently expressed to the US Justice Department a message of ‘Come let us work together to solve any issues with 1MDB’.  The Prime Minister’s willingness to cooperate has effectively doused any flames which Tun Mahathir and the other conspirator were hoping to fan to try and make things hot for the Prime Minister here in Malaysia.

It appears that no matter which avenues Tun Mahathir turns, he comes up empty in his desire to unseat Malaysia’s confident Prime Minister Najib Razak;  and this has to be driving Tun Mahathir crazy!


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