Tun Mahathir’s Latest Role; ‘Figure Head’ For His Own Party!


Having wet his appetite as an icon by running behind DAP and Amanah; now Tun wants to seemingly forgo the training wheels and ride alone without assistance.

Making his move was probably the only thing he could do before the Opposition that he was supposed to help showed him the door.   And the reason they would show Tun Mahathir the door is that his tenure as an Opposition icon was a complete failure.   No effort made on his part could bring about the turn of the tide which is swinging in the direction of Barisan Nasional.

His standing shoulder to shoulder in a symbolic unity with Lim Kit Siang was no more than a public relations event which both men hoped would give the rakyat goose bumps and send votes in the direction they (Lim Kit Siang, Tun Mahathir) wanted. It didn’t happen.

Tun Mahathir was like an overdone steak that had no sizzle and no taste.  He is a man living in a Tun Mahathir shell, but cannot create any interest among the greater population.   Even his Save Malaysia campaign is becoming a national joke as many people see it as not Save Malaysia, but Save Mukhriz!

It is fortunate for Mukhriz that he has put away his millions as it is apparent how the Save Mukhriz campaign has turned out.  And any hopes that Tun Mahathir had to call in favors to get Mukhriz back in Umno’s go have pretty much dissipated when Mukhriz was put out of the party.

There is even speculation that Tun Mahathir may even lose the title of ‘Tun’ if charges are brought against him.  Of course that is or was part of his brand ‘Tun Mahathir’, at one time the title along with knack of being a mover and a shaker placed him in high demand as a speaker or in having his endorsement.  Now the only thing which remains is the title, everything else is a distant memory.  And had it not been for his being a Prime Minister for more than 20 years, today Tun Mahathir would only be a sad foot note in Malaysia’s history.  As was mentioned elsewhere; Mahathir is like Muhammad Ali when he kept boxing beyond his time.

Tun Mahathir’s legacy has eroded to the point of no repair.   His only recourse at this stage is to do as he is trying to do now; start his own party.  The reality is he had no other choice as the other Opposition parties know that he is spent force who can make no significant contribution other than trying to tarnish the image of Prime Minister Najib Razak.

While a few who are still vicariously reliving Tun Mahathir’s glory days; he can be no more than a figure head.  Even if he uses his 1 million ‘Save Malaysia’ signatures to himself party president, the reality of time shows that he would only be able to hold that post for a brief time.  He would have to relinquish the post to someone he could control while at the same time have his Mukhriz as one of their party’s vice presidents in preparation for GE18.

And having Mukhriz in the new party’s vice present’s position would be even more interesting as he (Mukhriz) went out of his way saying that he had no aspirations of becoming Malaysia’s Prime Minister.

All that has been happening around Tun Mahathir personally and professionally  has to cause his head to start bobbling like one of those bobble head dolls you see on a car’s dashboard.   If that happens, some might say that Tun Mahathir’s latest role is not figure head for his new party, but instead the bobble head of the new part as he seems more and more like a man not really sure of what he doing.


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