Lim Guan Eng’s ‘Bite The Hand’ Comment Provided A Glimpse Of Life In Malaysia Under The DAP!


When the present Penang Menteri Besar (Lim Guan Eng) expressed the comment of ‘not biting the hand that feeds’ you, it could have been a Freudian slip of what reality would be like under the rule of the DAP. (here)

Of course after receiving backlash over the statement he is saying that it due to people misunderstanding of English which caused them to not fully understand his meaning.   One would almost expect him to say that he (Lim Guan Eng) is not an English teacher so that is why the misunderstanding exists.  He can then add that excuse to the one when he said that he is not a valuer when it was uncovered that he had purchased property significantly below market value.

Lim Guan Eng’s latest slip up was just the mask falling off from the face of the DAP which showed what type of government they would place the people under.  A government that says if you do not show unwavering gratitude, we will cut off your rice bowl.

This is also the classical type of behavior or threats an abuser uses to control an abusive relationship.   Yes, many times in an abusive relationship it is violent and causes physical injury, but there is also the mental side.  The mental side causes just as much pain and suffering.  There is the constant reminder of what life will be like on an economic and social level if they (the abuser) are not in the picture.  The abuser wants the abused to believe that things are so bad outside that they (abuser) are the only ones who can protect (abused) them.

That sounds eerily like what the DAP has been espousing.  They tell the rakyat that Malaysia’s economic and social situation under Barisan Nasional is bad and that they (DAP et al) are the only ones who have the (mythical) solution.  Just like the abuser, the DAP et al want to create a mental state of fear in the rakyat and then place themselves as the protectors of the people.

The problem in most abusive relationships is the mask comes completely off after the abuser has solidified the relationship.   But before that, there are hints or stop signs of the true nature of the abuser along the way.

As stated, the abuser works to create a fear in the mind and hearts of those they seek to control.  They always paint others as the being corrupt and that they are clean and have clean intentions.  But even with their seemingly charm and intelligence, they do slip up.

And that is what happened when Lim Guan Eng made the Freudian ‘Bite The Hand’ slip.  The mask dropped and the rakyat learned the truth behind the mask.  It was like seeing who was really behind the curtains in the Wizard of Oz; Lim Guan Eng didn’t not want to be seen for who he really is no more than the wizard wanted the people of Oz to know that he was a fraud.

Of course Lim Guan Eng and the DAP standard retort when exposed and confronted with the truth is to say it is all a plot to distract away from 1MDB of GST.

Perhaps it is time for Lim Guan Eng to stop telling the people to not bite the hand that feeds them and for him to stop thinking he is more clever than  the rakyat that feeds him.




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