Wan Azizah Now Sees How Things Are; The DAP Only Cares When A Lim Is Behind Bars!

Wan and Anwar

The last couple of days have to be very enlightening for Datuk Wan Azizah as she witnesses Lim Guan Eng getting all the attention as the result of his bungled bungalow arrest.

The candle light vigil (however small) for junior Lim was probably larger than the DAP support Datuk Anwar Ibrahim received on his best days after incarceration!  If one were to reflect on it; it has been many moons since the DAP has brought up anything regarding their once de facto (Anwar Ibrahim) leader.

The absence of the DAP mentioning Anwar Ibrahim is because they have probably moved on to another cow they can milk until it to runs dry.  Their latest cow is Tun Mahathir!  The DAP will milk him until he is of no or use and the drop him like a bad habit!

But right now the DAP, specifically Lim Kit Siang needs Tun Mahathir more than ever.  What Lim Kit Siang knew would happen actually happened; his son just got one step closer to becoming Sungai Bulow cellmates with Anwar Ibrahim and senior Lim will do whatever it takes to avoid his son being in that situation.

Any previous quid pro quo deal Lim Kit Siang made with Tun Mahathir regarding senior Lim’s support for Save (Mukhriz) Malaysia will no doubt have to be reworked as Mukhriz does not have a party or the political machinery to seat him at the table of power or even entrance in the door.

But as senior Lim has been helping Tun Mahathir keep his Save Malaysia afloat, he (LKS) now needs Tun Mahathir to use what little influence that was not used to swing the elections Pakatan Harapan’s way and now use it to save Lim Guan Eng.  How ironic that the two former nemesis both have sons who are in desperately needing help.

Watching from the sidelines and summarily left out of all of these side deals is Datuk Wan Azizah who did not put her or PKR support  behind Save Malaysia because Saving Malaysia did not include her plea to save her husband.

Now with open eyes she sees that things are not quite as equal as she believed when it comes to Pakatan Harapan.  She is seeing the hypocrisy of Lim Guan Eng vowing to stay on as Penang Menteri Besar after he (Lim Gun Eng) previously said that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak should take leave from office due to 1MDB.

Lim Guan Eng own father, Lim Kit Siang has stated in the past and up to before his son got caught that officials should leave office until the matter of the investigation is resolved.

Are father and son (LKS, LGE) suggesting that they should not be held to the same standard as they want others to be held?

Datuk Wan Azizah whether she will come out and admit it or not, no doubt sees this hypocrisy in what the Lims (LKS, LGE) say and what they do as the proclaim they (DAP) are a clean party.

Also not lost on Wan Azizah is the WSJ making Lim Guan Eng arrest about Prime Minister Najib Razak and 1MDB and not about Lim Guan Eng being involved in an illegal transaction.

She is probably reflecting on the scarcity of DAP support for Anwar even before Tun Mahathir officially became the latest cow the DAP is trying to milk for Malay votes.

Although Datuk Wan Azizah is keeping relatively silent on the recent Pakatan Harapan happenings, she now sees how things really are; the DAP only cares when a Lim is behind bars!

Postscript: Following the above piece, it would not be a surprise to hear the DAP trying to work Anwar’s name back into the conversation as all their efforts for and about Lim Guan Eng further isolates them from their much coveted Malay vote!


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