Amanah Must Depend On DAP Scrapes For Their Survival!


If Amanah thinks that their political savvy and acumen are the chief reasons that received a few votes then they are severely in need of oxygen!

It was only due to their master’s instructions to their constituents that Amanah received most of the votes that they have received.

The problem now is Amanah is totally dependent on the DAP which means the master servant or pusher addict (your choice) relationship is solidified.  Lim Kit Siang and the DAP knows this and some where floating around in the pits of their stomachs, the Amanah leadership knows this as well.

At least when Amanah was still part of PAS they (Amanah) could claim some dignity through independence! In mentioning dignity and independence there is speculation that the bright orange wardrobe that Amanah showcased during the twin by-elections was what the DAP leadership wanted them to wear.

It does not stretch the imagination too far to think such a thing as what to wear is beyond the dictates of those who are calling the shots!  Just consider how quiet Amanah has been on the whole private member ‘Hudud’ Bill!  Many found this strange as Mat Sabu and others in Amanah’s pseudo leadership vocally supported ‘Hudud’ when they were still part of PAS.  Now it seems that they left testicular fortitude behind along with their dignity when they separated from PAS!

In the above paragraph I refer to Amanah’s pseudo leadership as they are as much in control of Amanah as Datuk Wan Azizah is at the control of PKR!  Others pull the string and they perform the action.

To Datuk Wan Azizah’s credit, she embraces the role of caretaker head while Amanah believes that no one sees who is pulling their strings!

The rude awakening will come for Amanah when the DAP will ask them to carry out a task or take a position that will compromise their (Amanah’s) core beliefs.  If Amanah fulfils the DAP’s marching orders Amanah will continue to receive DAP support!  However, if Amanah finds the testosterone to stand on its own, they (Amanah) will be cut off from the votes and money that the DAP provides.

Amanah will then have to go cold turkey!  That is a term used when a drug addict is cut off from their drugs and starts to suffer severe physical and mental pains.  Had the DAP not pushed votes in Sungai Besar in Amanah’s direction on June 18th, they would have certainly had an inkling of what cold turkey entails!  Their second place finish in Sungai Besar only gave Amanah a taste of what they can have, if they sit loyally and wait for the rice to fall to them from the DAP’s bowl!

There is a saying which goes; the one who controls your rice bowl controls you!  It is obvious from the votes which Amanah received in Sungai Besar that the DAP controls their (Amanah’s) rice bowl!

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