Arul Kanda; The Prime Minister’s Expert (Budak Makan Gaji) 1MDB Ambassador!

Arul Kanda

The leader of a nation has many tasks that which requires his or her attention. In some instances an Ambassador with or without portfolio is needed to handle specialized matters on behalf of the leader.

This is the role of 1MDB president Arul Kanda Kandasamy who former minister Zaid Ibrahim has criticised for explaining issues on 1MDB recently in Sungai Besar.

Zaid Ibrahim also went so far as to refer to Arul Kanda as ‘budak makan gaji (wage earner)! Well if wage means salary, isn’t that what Zaid Ibrahim was (wage earner) when he was a minister and received a salary?

It is a fact that ambassadors, who serve at the pleasure of those who appoint them, receive compensation not just for the roles they play, but for the value in which they bring to that role!

Arul Kanda is no exception. He (Arul) was placed in the role of president of 1MDB because of his capability.  Had it been otherwise, there would be a different conversation coming from the mouths of the Opposition on how Prime Minister Najib Razak placed someone who is incompetent in that position!

On the contrary Arul Kanda has proven to be very competent which is why the Opposition cries foul every time he (Arul Kanda) is called upon to address issues concerning 1MDB!  This only proves that the Opposition does not want the facts, they only want to criticise the Prime Minister for not speaking on 1MDB himself!

If the Opposition wanted the truth then they would not care who brought it as long as the legitimate questions are answered.

And this is why leaders have ambassadors to represent them.  The ambassador stands in the place of the leader and represents the one (leader) who places that ambassador in that position!

Arul Kanda in his daily role as president /budak makan gaji of 1MDB is obviously the best person to articulate the ins and outs of the fund.  To have any other person who does not that type of hands on knowledge would waste precious time and feed into the Opposition’s desire to find any fault they (Opposition) can over the operation of 1MDB.

Somehow the manner former minister Ibrahim Zaid uses the term ‘budak makan gaji’ (wage earner) seems like he is insulting the millions of Malaysians who work for a living! (here)

And the Opposition wonders why their message is rejected!

Wage earners as Ibrahim Zaid may have forgotten are the backbone of the nation! Unfortunately, when some people have achieved a certain status in life, they forget from where they come and use terms like ‘budak makan gaji’ in a derogatory manner to depict the people whom they envision themselves separate from!

Yes Arul Kanda is a ‘budak makan gaji’ (wage earner).  He is working for the people as he serves as the president and resident expert of 1MDB!

I wonder who former minister Ibrahim Zaid would want, if he were in need of major heart surgery; the resident expert or someone who was not as skilled!

Well when comes to 1MDB, who better than Prime Minister Najib Razak’s 1MDB ambassador Arul Kanda to go among his fellow ‘budak makan gaji’ (wage earners) to explain it (1MDB) to them!


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