The DAP Never Respected Amanah As An Equal; Even When They Were Still In PAS!


It is quite amazing that those in Amanah can convince themselves that DAP respects them and views them as full partners in Pakatan Harapan!

The only the close to a partnership (if you want to call what they have that) is with PKR and the DAP!  In other members in the mix, including Amanah is only present because they are perceived to have some value.

At least that is what the DAP believed when they wooed members of PAS out of the party to form Amanah!  On the part of the DAP, they probably thought that there would be a mass exodus of PAS party members that would either follow the quote unquote moderate faction of PAS or that PAS leadership would be removed after a vote of no confidence.

Neither of the two (2) scenarios had taken place as not many PAS members believed in the direction that Amanah was headed while the central core of PAS remained and was in fact strengthened!

The true test of PAS’ influence was displayed during Bersih 4 where the Malay presence was conspicuously absent during the infamous rally in which photos of Prime Minister Najib were stepped on!

If nothing else, PAS members saw DAP through clear glasses and not the rose colored ones that DAP presented to them because they (DAP) wanted the Muslim vote!  Reality has a way of helping people see things or in this case, the DAP for what they really were!

Events like Bersih 4 proved to the DAP even more that they needed a party (they believed) like Amanah to help bring the Malay crowds out so that their (DAP) events would not look too Chinese!

Unfortunately, Amanah cannot fit the bill when it comes to bringing out the PAS faithful to follow behind Lim Kit Siang and the DAP like little puppies seeking their master’s approval!  Of course to hear the DAP tell it; they will say that Amanah is a full partner and is not being used to get the Malay vote!  If you listen closely enough you will almost hear Amanah echo the similar words.  ‘We are not being used by the DAP’!

How soon Amanah has forgotten how the DAP had spoken ill of PAS when they (Amanah) were still in PAS!  Did they (Amanah) delude themselves into believing that any negative talk or critique toward PAS was in reference to others and not them!

Amanah will never be a full partner in PAS because the DAP does not see any real value in Amanah.  In fact, if PAS said to the DAP get rid of Amanah and we will return, you would have Amanah shown the door before PAS President Hadi Awang finished saying the word return!

The only reason the DAP is not insisting that Amanah go on their own right now is that it would be too obvious for them (DAP) to do what they really want to do with Amanah; get rid of the dead weight!

So given the past relationship between the DAP and PAS, there should be no surprise when the DAP or those who support them put up disrespectful billboards without first having a sit down with Amanah!  (here)

Why should they; you sit down and discuss things with equals and the DAP never respected Amanah as an equal; even when they (Amanah) was still in PAS!



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