Lim Kit Siang; The PKR and Amanah ‘Hudud’ Spokesperson and Buffer!

LKS Buffer

Lim Kit Siang suggests that the hudud ‘private bill’ is an Umno and PAS plot to create an artificial national crisis that will overshadow more important issues!

His rationale or lack thereof for suggesting this is that ‘hudud’ is a backroom sinister plot to make it the central issue leading up to the upcoming by-elections in both Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar.  He (Lim Kit Siang) laments that his bed mate’s (Tun Mahathir’s) issues with 1MDB and foreign transfers to Prime Minister Najib Razak’s personal account should not be buried under the ‘hudud issue’! (here)

What Lim Kit Siang would like the rakyat to believe is that if the 1MDB controversy remains in the public eye, then the DAP and PKR will certainly carry the day during the upcoming Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections!

The problem with that is he (Lim Kit Siang) must have forgotten about Sarawak!

The Opposition with their acquisition of Tun Mahathir have been going on incessantly for more than a year about 1MDB and they were still decimated in the Sarawakian election!  Therefore, Lim Kit Siang must be suggesting that Sarawakians are not astute enough to separate fact from Opposition bull manure!

The results speak for themselves as Sarawakians overwhelmingly could smell the bull manure coming out of the mouths of the Opposition and rejected it!  So running up to the upcoming by-elections, Lim Kit Siang suggests that the ‘hudud Bill’ is being used to create an artificial national crisis at the expense of the dead 1MDB issue.

Lim Kit Siang wants to steer away from what is a purely Muslim (hudud) issue to avoid PKR and Amanah from having to come out and speak on it!  Lim is just serving as the focal point to buffer attention away from both PKR and Amanah!

He (Lim Kit Siang) does not want PKR and Amanah to come out on the issue one way or the other as that would further damage an Opposition pact that is barely holding together!   So what better way to do that then to be the opposition voice at this time!

To do this, Lim is trying to reignite an old issue (1MDB) with the hope that doing so will keep PKR and Amanah from having to comment on the ‘private Bill’!

One need look no further than how deftly quiet they (PKR and Amanah) have been since the private Bill has been tabled to see that politics takes precedence over conviction when election time roles around!

Apparently in the lead up to the Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar by-elections, PKR and Amanah have decided to play politics and will save their conviction for their ‘Maaf Zarhir & Batin’ billboard message they will display around the nation!

Until then, count on DAP talking heads like Lim Kit Siang being the PKR and Amanah ‘hudud’ spokesperson and buffer!



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