Tun Mahathir Believes Playing The Martyr Card Will Help His Son!

Tun and Son

In a recent report Tun Dr Mahathir claims that he could have easily helped his son (for Kedah Menteri Besar) Mukhriz Mahathir, but that he was too busy focusing on Prime Minister Najib Razak! (read)

On first reading this, it would be easy to not think too much of it as recently Tun has said some incredulous things of late!  But then, if you were to give it some thought you will begin to say wait; this man cannot channel his energies in more than one area at a time!

If that is the case; what was he doing during the time he was Prime Minister.  Was he just fixated on one issue, situation or project at a time!  Was it Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi taking care of the other national issues when Tun Mahathir was focused on just one!

Or is Tun Mahathir’s statement that he could have helped his son stave off (losing his position as Kedah Menteri Besar) the inevitable, his admission that he can’t multitask!

Tun ‘M’ should explain; how other than by divine intervention could Mukhriz position have been saved!

If it were a matter of a personal appearance on his part, then Tun ‘M” is reading too many of his old press clippings and avoiding the more recent ones!  If Tun Mahathir were to clean his over inflated egotistical glasses, he would certainly see that ‘The Old grey mare, he ain’t what he used to be many long years ago’; even if delusion is sending a differing message!

Tun ‘M’ should realize that the reach and pull of ‘Mahathirism’ is no longer there.  If it were, Mukhriz would still be in office in Kedah and or an Umno Vice President now.

The removal of Mukhriz Mahathir was pragmatic and symbolic.  Pragmatic because a leader can ill afford to have one of his captains speaking against his leader and symbolically because two (2) angry birds (Mukhriz and Tun Mahathir) are removed with one stone.

If Mukhriz was shocked over the reality of what transpired in Kedah, then Tun must have been both mortified and stupefied over the reality that his once powerful stature could not extend and protect his son!

Tun Mahathir could not show his loss of face due to his son’s ouster so he claims that he was too focused on everything involving the Prime Minister to offer his son any help and if dad had helped things would not have turned out the way they had!

Of course, Tun Mahathir would like to play the martyr by giving the impression that he sacrificed his role as a father for the citizens of Malaysia; all 1.2 million or 300 thousand of them: Take your pick!

Tun Mahathir would like the rakyat to return the favour of his (Tun Mahathir’s martyrdom) when the time comes!  This favour will translate to mean; my son was removed from office because of my sacrifice for you so you return him to a higher office to show your appreciation to me!

In reality, Tun Mahathir knew that once his son shared his (Tun ‘M’) unwinnable position of asking for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to step down without valid cause, then it was only a matter of time before Mukhriz Mahathir would find himself on the losing side of a battle which cannot be won!

Still, Tun Mahathir is correct when he says that he does not have to worry about Mukhriz.  Yes, as far as business is concerned, Mukhriz should be set for life.  Politically, there should be worry for Mukhriz because as it stands now, even as a self proclaimed martyr; Tun Mahathir’s son’s political career is just about done!



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