Panic Grips Opposition Over Umno and PAS Cooperation!

Prime Minister and Hadi Awang

Every since PAS pulled out of Pakatan Rakyat, the new opposition Pakatan Harapan has been sarcastically hinting at some form of cooperation between PAS and Umno.

While it was Okay for the PKR and the DAP to use PAS to bring in the Malay vote (something that they have difficulty doing) they (Opposition) make it seem borderline criminal for PAS and Umno to work together.

Members of the Opposition are again bringing up the issue of Hudud law as the pretext for their outrage.  Not only is there outrage on the part of the Opposition, but they want components of team Barisan Nasional to share in their outrage.

The Opposition with what sounds like orders is telling the other members (Gerakan, MIC, MCA and my PPP to leave Team Barisan Nasional out of protest!  They are saying this to try and embarrass the non Muslim members of Team Barisan Nasional into doing something before the upcoming by-elections and in preparation for GE14!

As a result of the many articles that were written on how the Opposition has proven its desperation due to their working with their professed enemy Tun Mahathir; they (Opposition) is trying to make a feeble attempt to use the same terminology to say Umno is desperate to work with PAS!

This is almost like saying that it is OK for Muslims to work with others, but not OK for them to cooperate with each other.  The truth of the matter is, had it not been Hudud that brought the two (2) parties together, it would have been some other issue.  It was inevitable that they two would find a working formula in which they could cooperate.

The issue is not hudud; it never was!  The real issue is about the Malay votes which the Opposition wants and needs to fulfill their aspirations.  The DAP in particular, knows that PKR is in disarray and the spin off from PAS, Amanah cannot deliver the votes needed to overcome Team Barisan Nasional!

Now with the blooming cooperation between Umno and PAS the Opposition, who already envisioned a defeat during GE14 will more than likely see a defeat like the one they (Opposition) were dealt in Sarawak!

The only choice the Opposition has is to go after the non-Muslim components of Team Barisan Nasional.  The Opposition will create bogeyman stories on how hudud will cause foreign investment to leave Malaysia’s shores and how the rights of non-Muslims will be violated.  Expect to see the Opposition playing up the amputation of limbs angle and similar themes.

None of the things they will spin will be true, but the Opposition has to create these stories to try and scare the rakyat and attempt to fracture Team Barisan Rakyat!

There are many who see the growing cooperation between PAS and Umno as long overdue while at the same time the Opposition sees it as doom and gloom.  But the Opposition shouldn’t completely panic and look at their 1.2 million signatures and cheer; because even with the cooperation between PAS and Umno, they (Opposition) have their savior; Tun Mahathir!


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