The Opposition Finds Itself In Survival Mode!

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Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s planned leaked letter should have curtailed any and all involvement of the opposition with Tun Mahathir or at least that is what Anwar was hoping from his residency in Sungai Buloh.

For all of his prose on how PKR and the opposition in general should keep Tun Mahathir at arm’s length; the message still has either not been understood or those in the opposition who are still meeting with Tun Mahathir have made a Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin decision to go against their leader (Anwar Ibrahim)!

Whichever the case, it further proves the desperation, fractionation and overall disarray of the opposition!  And in this situation, Tun Mahathir has the upper hand as he is available and mobile; so to speak!  Anwar on the other hand is limited on who can visit him as well as the time and length of visitation(s).

The opposition has become like a person at sea without a life vest and no rescue ship in sight; grasping at seaweed seems good when there is nothing else around.

Having no other viable choice further shows the state the opposition finds itself in as Anwar is cut off, Datuk Wan Azizah does have the right stuff to rally the faithful and Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali is seen as a threat to the Anwar clan as well as the DAP!

As was written in the past; desperate times called for desperate action and when the opposition reached out to Tun Mahathir that only proved how desperate they have become!

For Tun Mahathir it is a win win for him!  He has access to the opposition political machinery without having to invest nothing, but his former reputation and if the opposition fails at their agenda his personal agenda which involves his son is still intact!  Along with this is that fact that Tun Mahathir does not have to share the lime light with Anwar Ibrahim!

It would not stretch the imagination to far to think Tun ‘M’ hinted to Azmin that if his son were to eventually become Prime Minister, he (Azmin) would be one of the Deputy Prime Minister’s; the other one being for Lim Guan Eng, if he is not doing time over his house purchase!

However, the real problem Tun Mahathir and the opposition has is credibility.  All of the effort that the opposition has and is still putting in to unseat the democratically elected Prime Minister (Najib Razak) by less than democratic means, has the rakyat looking at opposition with growing suspicion!

Having Tun Mahathir as the figure head will do little if nothing to change a public’s perception of the chaos the opposition finds itself embroiled in.   The ‘Kajang Move’,  Azmin’s renegade PAS Invitation, Anwar’s letter warning against working with Tun Mahathir and opposition MP’s going against Anwar’s wishes by still meeting with Tun Mahathir shows some of the obvious cracks within the opposition.  The partnership with their once nemesis Tun Mahathir proves that the opposition has switched from a viable organization to one that is running on survival mode!



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