Mahathir Campaigning For the Opposition Should Benefit Team Barisan Nasional!


Tun Mahathir must be feeling extremely generous of late.  His shadow over the Sarawak elections bode well for Team Barisan National, now it is reported that he will further lend his support to the opposition for the upcoming Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections.

No doubt his opposition comrades have to be wondering which opposition Tun ‘M’ will be campaigning for.  If he supports team Barisan National then the opposition consists of the DAP, PKR Amanah et al.  If he campaigns for one of the mentioned parties, then they have to wonder which of them he will be campaigning for.  Or will he do as he has of late; promote both sides!

With the vendetta he has against Prime Minister Najib Razak, it would not be too farfetched to see Tun Mahathir trying to be all things to all people all in the hopes of removing one (the Prime Minister) from office!

Given Tun Mahathir’s recent track record; team Barisan National is probably hoping that he goes all out in support for the opposition as they (Team Barisan National) would love to achieve similar results as was achieved in Sarawak in the upcoming by-elections.

The opposition is still holding out hope against hope that some of that old Tun Mahathir magic is still present.  As it stands they are still playing the waiting game as the old Tun Mahathir has yet to make an appearance.

Perhaps the opposition is thinking that what they are attempting to force down the rakyats throats will somehow be more palatable, if the good Dr. Mahathir is prescribing the opposition snake oil!   However, if Sarawak proves anything; the public does not want what the opposition with or without Tun ‘M’ is prescribing!

The opposition (DAP, PKR Amanah, Tun ‘M’ et al) is trying to give the rakyat the impression that Malaysia is not moving forward and that Malaysia from top to bottom is in trouble.  The rakyat on the other hand’s thoughts are probably along the lines of; why change cars, if the one we are driving is doing well!

Even with the almost daily doom and gloom news coming  from the opposition; Malaysians still by and large do not buy into the agenda based fabrications that the opposition is peddling.  The tragedy that is supposed to be the Malaysian economy the opposition preaches does not seem to mesh with the view of reality that ordinary Malaysians share!

Therefore the oppositions remedy to their lackluster approach is in eliciting Tun Mahathir to catalyze their (opposition) cause.  But unless Tun ‘M’ has something extra that he has been holding back, the opposition will continue to get what it has been getting as a result of Tun Mahathir’s presence; very little or nothing!

From the standpoint of team Barisan National, they would not mind Tun continuing to help the opposition up to GE14 because Tun ‘M’ with the opposition makes voting for Team Barisan National the only rationale choice!

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