The Opposition’s New Mantra; In Mahathir We Trust!

On the back of the one (1) US dollar bill, displayed above the centered word ‘ONE’  are those familiar words; “In God We Trust”

People and nations have fought, gone to war and lost their lives over the ‘paper’ that those words are printed on. Still  others have tried to forge the US currency while still others looked to take the easy path by  stealing it!

Despite the (US) currency no longer having the value that it had (if ever) many years ago; people still place their hopes and dreams in what that currency can possibly do to enrich their lives.

This also seems to be the case when it comes to Tun Dr Mahathir.  The opposition (DAP, PKR, ANC and Amanah) having run out of any potent viable choice seems to have put all their hope in Tun ‘M’ to carry them to the political holy land of Putrajaya! (here)

For many in the opposition, it makes little difference, if Tun M is contrite over what they believe are his wrongs to them during the years he was Prime Minister.  They only want what they want; even if that means sleeping with the man (Tun ‘M’) who was a major thorn in their side!

There are others like Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali (PKR) who probably believe that it is political expedient to cozy up to Tun ‘M’ so that he (Tun) can serve as a safety net, if he (Azmi Ali) is no longer part of  their (PKR) future.   Azmin needs friends like Tun ‘M’ and PAS in case he should some need a new political home!

The elder DAP statesman, Lim Kit Siang knows that he needs Malay votes in order to capture political landscape.  Votes which he once believed he had have quickly vanished during the Bersih 4 ‘Yellow Shirt’ rally!  Pretty much a ‘one sided’ affair, LKS and the DAP realized what better way to catch Malays then to use an icon like Tun ‘M’ as bait!

Just as with the US dollar; there are those who believe that Tun ‘M’ has value for their cause while others see him (Tun ‘M’) as only having perceive value.

This appears to be the case; from what little help that Tun ‘M’ has been able to offer the opposition, it seems that his value to the opposition’s ‘cause’ is more perceived than intrinsic.

One can scarcely point at anything of note that has come out of his (Tun ‘M’) joining the opposition other than the 1.2 million unverified signatures that he claims to posses; which by all accounts leaves Prime Minister Najib Razak with the rest! (here )

While there are those who place their trust in Tun ‘M’, there are still others (one in particular) who do not trust him. That one is the imprisoned opposition de facto leader Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim!

Anwar has seen from his Sungai Buloh room with a view how both former Prime Minister Tun ‘M’ and Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali have been commanding the hearts and minds of those he once reigned over.  Anwar has also probably noticed how the DAP has been prompting up Tun ‘M’ as the new de facto opposition leader while all, but ignoring him..

The DAP knows that Anwar’s castration can do little to help them produce the political and personal agendas they have set their eyes on. Therefore the DAP being pragmatic pegged their hopes on Tun ‘M’ like many nations peg their currency hopes on the US dollar!

Anwar’s lengthy letter was his way of saying; ‘I’m still relevant’!

In another way; he was sending out warning shots directly to Tun Mahathir and indirectly at Azmin Ali; telling them both not to get overly ambitious!

Anwar having worked with Tun ‘M’, knows that Mahathir will do whatever it takes to get what he wants even if that includes backing both the opposition and Barisan National concurrently!  Anwar also knows that ‘Save Malaysia’ has nothing to with the rakyat and it certainly has nothing to do with him. Tun ‘M’ wants to save the hope he has for his son to someday become number one!

From his prison cell, Anwar is now trying to curtail Tun Mahathir influence over the opposition.  In his letter about not trusting Tun Mahathir; Anwar hopes that the collective opposition will keep Tun ‘M’ at arms length while still recognizing him (Anwar) as the opposition de facto leader!

It seems however that Anwar’s warnings has come too little, too late as the opposition is confused and somewhat divided over who is their de facto leader.

The reality is with Anwar locked away; the opposition had little choice other than place their trust in an icon from yesteryear; Tun Mahathir!



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