The Opposition, Like Sand In An Hour Glass; Is Running Out Of Time!

When sand first descends down an hour glass it does so at a slow constant trickle that barely perceptible to the eye.  Before long, the sand at the bottom begins to build as that which was at the top steadily dissipates until there are only a few grains of sand which remain.

That is the situation the opposition (DAP, PKR, ANC, Amanah and Tun ‘M’) find themselves.  Having tried to unseat Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for more than a year, they (opposition) find themselves running out of time as GE14 in 2018 is quickly approaching.

All methods to accuse, slander, insinuate, fabricate and lie about the Prime Minister never really picked up steam in Malaysia and only received scant mentioned abroad as a means to fill time or space for TV news or print publications.

Those international media outlets which did not carry the fabricated stories surrounding 1MDB are in retrospect looking at that decision with glee least they end up like the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) with egg on their faces!

Even Tun ‘M’ insinuating that there should be international intervention in Malaysia’s sovereign affairs met with what amounted to diplomatic ‘solve your own issues’ from foreign corners.  Probably Tun ‘M’ meeting with silence is the West’s repaying him (Tun ‘M’) back for his chiding them (the West) during the years he served as Prime Minister.

Domestically, opposition components attempted to spark a citizen’s revolt or some form of Arab Spring with their ‘Citizen’s Declaration, ‘People’s Congress’ and ‘Save Malaysia Campaign’.  However, they only found that with all of their (opposition) zeal they were only preaching to the choir!  Malaysian’s as a whole did not buy into ‘we are doing this for rakyat’ that the opposition with Tun ‘M’ was attempting to and still attempting to sell to the public!

The masses not heeding opposition calls to come out to support the various ‘Save this or that’ were just a sign that time is running out on the opposition!

Undoubtedly the rakyat sensed that the opposition had no agenda that could improve on the measures the government has already taken to whether the global economic downturn so there was no legitimate reason to replace the government or Prime Minister

The only thing the opposition could offer is anti-everything that had to do with the Prime Minister or the seated government.

And there offerings do not stop their! Not only does the opposition oppose the Prime Minister and the government; it has recently started opposing each other.

We are now seeing parts of the PKR lead by Azmin Ali and Lim Kit Siang and the DAP eager to work with Tun ‘M’ and his Save Malaysia circus while Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, his wife and other opposition members not willing to do so.

Adding further strain within the dysfunctional opposition relationship; you have Azmin Ali going against the opposition decree by inviting PAS back into the opposition.  Opposition members have to begin wondering; who is the leader of the opposition.  Is it Azmin Ali, Datuk Wan Azizah or her husband from his residence in Sungei Buloh?

More and more it looks like Azmin Ali is trying to feather his nest by aligning himself with those like Tun ‘M’ who he feels can off him political mileage!

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim knows this as well; therefore in order to have himself reinserted as the de-facto head of the opposition, his lengthy letter that was supposed to be (if you believe in fairy tales) private was made conveniently public!

Little doubt Anwar engineered this to move the limelight away from his former boss (Tun ‘M’) and to remind his protégé (Azmi Ali) that he (Anwar) is still around; only limited to just being around Sungei Buloh!

As a whole the opposition realizes that the stability of the Prime Minister, the government under his leadership and their (opposition) defeat in Sarawak demonstrates all the more how they (opposition) like sand in an hour glass are running out of time!




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