From The Numbers; Prime Minister Najib Has 27 Million, If Tun ‘M’ Claims 1.2 Million!

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It is very interesting how Tun ‘M’ and his group can claim to have 1.2 authentic signatures and expect no one to question the validity of such.  Tun even wants to arrange an audience with the His Royal Majesty the Agong to hand deliver them.

The public is expected to except the validity of the signatures because Tun ‘M’ said that they are valid and we all know, Tun ‘M’ would never say anything which was not factual.

It is just like Tun ‘M’ saying that he does not know who he thinks should be Malaysia’s next Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister!  He expects the public to believe that he has not given thought to the matter and that the rakyat should all just take him at his word; no questions asked.

Now imagine the Prime Minister saying that he had those 1.2 million signatures.  Tun ‘M’ would decry them all invalid without having each and every one of them checked for validity.

We can be certain of this as we have proof in the way he (Tun ‘M’) asked for proof that the money (RM4.2 billion) in the Prime Minister’s bank account was a gift and not money pilfered from the 1MDB coffers!

In fact, Tun ‘M’ was not satisfied in knowing that the money was transferred as a gift from a Saudi Arabian royalty to Prime Minister Najib Razak.  Tun ‘M’ also wanted to know where the Prince got the money and how it was transferred.

What it came down to is that Tun ‘M’ wanted to know the money trail so that he could see where the money which was transferred to the Prime Minister was conceived and every stop it made before entering into Malaysia!

So now that the shoe is on the other foot; Tun ‘M’ should not be surprised, if he is also asked to provide proof of over the validity of the times.  The rakyat should also be provided with a background check to make sure no unsuspecting person’s name appears on the list without his or her knowledge!

After all the rakyat does not want the former Prime Minister (Tun ‘M’) to further embarrass himself by making claims of something that is not true.  Like the wild accusations he (Tun ‘M’) made about Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak being involved with supposedly stolen money from 1MDB has proven embarrassing enough for the former Prime Minister.

The above is especially true after the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has exonerated Prime Minister Najib Razak over the wild claims that he had stolen 1MDB money and placed that stolen money in his ‘personal’ local banking account!  The truth that money transferred into Prime Minister Najib Razak account had in fact come from a Saudi Prince and not from stolen money again proved embarrassing for Tun Mahathir!

Given Tun ‘M’ recent track record of being wrong, he should have his people personally verify each of the names on the paper which they have produced before the cameras.

It would only be right for him to provide proof of the validity of those names as proof before he further embarrasses himself.

Still, let us say that 1.2 million people signed Tun Mahathir’s petition, then we can deduce that the other 27 million people are with Prime Minister Najib Razak; which only proves that even in a democracy; you can’t please everyone!


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