Lim Kit Siang And The Opposition’s Ongoing Confusion!

Lim 1MDB

Yesterday, (5/14/16) Lim Kit Siang said in essence that Malaysia Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak should attend the upcoming Parliament session that will take place 16-17 May.

Lim Kit Siang and the opposition want the Prime Minister to attend Parliament not inquire about 1MDB for clarity, but as a means to ambush him by asking him to justify every dot and comma!

Have they (opposition) forgotten that their Public Accounts Committee (PAC) ‘inside man’ Tony Pua was part of the investigation into 1MDB.  Has the opposition and Tony also forgotten that he (Tony Pua) signed off on the final report.

Was it not Tony Pua who pretty much said that there were those who did not want him on the committee because he could not be duped; thus signifying that the other PAC members could be duped!  Therefore, his (Tony Pua) being in the PAC would assure that the (1MDB) report would be accurate!

So if Lim Kit Siang is still in possession of the PAC report his ‘inside man’ signed off on and it states that there was no theft then is he (LKS) now saying that Tony Pua was duped!  It would be interesting to see, if Tony takes one for the team and admits the obvious; that he is not as smart as he wanted Malaysians to believe!

All of the pretence of wanting to question (badger) Prime Minister Razak in Parliament was employed in 2015 even to the point of the choreographed raising of placards asking where is the money!  Asked and then answered in the PAC report!

The opposition (DAP, PKR et al) is going back to last year’s (2015) ineffective play book in the hopes that they can create an issue where the PAC with Tony Pua found none!

Last year Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was very composed during the various calls for a response to the opposition and Tun M’s fabricated hoopla over his (the Prime Minister’s) purported involvement in wrong doing involving the fund!

The Prime Minister and rational Malaysians were and still are satisfied to allow the investigative process to take place!

Since Lim Kit Siang sees his inside man as having been duped during his time with the PAC then he should take the earlier suggestion that he ask the president of 1MDB Arul Kanda Kandasamy to explain it to him.  Again, Arul can answer all of Lim’s real inquiries; all imaginative ones should be referred to a specialist who deals with those issues! (here)

It is somewhat ironic that Lim Kit Siang says that is irresponsible for the Prime Minister to travel during this period and in almost the same breath suggests that, if the Prime Minister wanted to go to the UK he should have gone a day earlier to attend the Global Anti Corruption Summit the UK government hosted in London.

So according to Lim Kit Siang’ logic, it is not OK for the Prime Minister to travel overseas for which ever reason he (the Prime Minister) has, but it is OK for him (the Prime Minister) to go overseas to attend a conference that LKS thinks he should attend.

Now I understand the following:

Tun ‘M’ supporting the opposition while at the same time asking voters to save Barisan National.

Azmin Ali inviting PAS back to the opposition, while Datuk Wan Azizah saying that is not the PKR Position.

Tony Pua saying that there was no problem with the PAC report that he signed on then saying that there was a problem.  Next he may claim that a duped clone signed off on it!

Datuk Wan Azizah and PKR not supporting ‘Save Malaysia’ and the PKR number two (2) Azmin Ali wholeheartedly supporting it!

Examining the above, there appears to be memory lapses and a lot of confusion in the opposition camp; which is probably why the voters in Sarawak steered clear of them!

Perhaps Lim Kit Siang should stop vying for the job of the Prime Minister’s travel secretary and fix the issues of the very confused opposition!



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