Azmin’s PAS Invitation; Speaking for Himself or Carving Out A Path for Himself!


Both Menteri Besar Azmin Ali and Datuk Wan Azizah know that when you are leaders of an organization, everything you say is scrutinized as being the party’s stance unless otherwise stated. Even then seasoned politicians still are careful in their use and choice of words.

This brings us to the ‘invitation Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali verbally gave for PAS to return to the opposition fold comprising the DAP, PKR and Amanah.

It is quite strange that the invitation did not come before the Sarawak elections.  Perhaps they misplaced PAS president Hadi Awang’s number!

Datuk Wan Azizah says that the invitation was Azmin speaking for himself.  Which makes one wonder about what takes place when Azmin meets with Wan Azizah; do they actually communicate or do they just share the same airspace like couples who stay together in a loveless marriage for the sake of the children!

How does Azmin Ali not know his party and his cohorts (DAP and Amanah’s) position on inviting PAS back after their very public divorce.

No doubt that after their split, the matter of would or could there be reconciliation among them had to have come up in one of their combined leadership meetings.  To that point; would it be even conceivable in lieu of the derogatory assertion Lim Guan Eng made about the PAS State government’s inadequacy in handling the flood in Kelantan! (here)

That statement alone meant that the thought had to be in the heart before it was uttered with the mouth!

Did the results in Sarawak send Azmin into shock causing him to speak without thinking of the consequences of his words?

One could easily dismiss Azmin’s invitation to PAS as a one off gaff, but the invitation wasn’t the first time he had swum in a different direction than his PKR party president; Wan Azizah.

Azman taking part in the Save Malaysia campaign where he was prominently seated next to Tun M during the news conference that Wan Azizah abstained from joining.  Wan later indicated that there was no need to participate. Underlying meaning; if you are not going to include my husband in Save Malaysia count us (PKR) out!

It seems that Azmin and Wan Azizah’s only point of commonality is that they belong to the same political party for now.  This lack of cohesiveness Wan has toward Azmin could be a spill over from the failed ‘Kajang Move’ that would have installed her (Wan) as the puppet Selangor Menteri Besar! (here)

Bloggers often write about a marriage of convenience when we write about the DAP with PKR, Amanah, ANC and Tun M.  However, when you look closer there are marriages of convenience within the same party.

So now when the PKR number two (2) says or does anything that is counter to what the party line is Wan Azizah has to diplomatically say that Azmin was speaking for himself!

So one has to ask; in Wan Azizah’s response to the PAS invitation question, was she also speaking for herself!

Who then speaks for the party?  To solve this, maybe Azmin Ali and Wan Azizah should start wearing PKR paraphernalia when they the media to know that they are speaking for the party!

The apparent disconnect which exists between Azmin Ali and Wan Azizah seems to indicate that they are forced into a claustrophobic relationship that neither one of them wants.

Azmin Ali has ambitions and he wants to be number one in his party, but the current organizational chart forces him to play second violin to Wan Azizah.

Wan Azizah on her part, like everyone else in and out of her party is aware of this which is why both she and Azmin seem to be representing different interest.  For Azmin his own and for Wan Azizah her husband’s!

So one could look at Azmin Speaking out of step with his party line as him trying to do what former Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was attempting; to assert himself to be his party’s number one!

However, unless Azmin wants to join Muhyiddin on the ‘I used to be’ speaking circuit; he would be wise to carefully weigh his words before speaking; unless of course, if his intention is to break free and carve out a path for himself!


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