The Opposition Tries To Spin Team Barisan National’s Win!


Lim Kit Siang just doesn’t get it.  He congratulates Sarawak Menteri Besar Adenan Satem but is blind to the governments stability as playing a role and the oppositions campaign of negativity as turning the voters away from the DAP.

Senior Lim also claims that if more voters turned out then the DAP would have performed better.

Could it be that had those who did not turn out did vote then BN would have won by an even larger percentage.  Maybe those absent votes Lim Kit Siang referred to would have voted Barisan National and that his (LKS) money in the bank voters voted for the govt.

LKS should not only come to grips with the DAP’s defeat, but also how Malaysians are tired of the way he and his opposition cohort’s campaign.

Today voters are much too enlightened to succumb to the opposition’s brand of politics. Instead they voted for what team Adenan and team National govt have to offer.  It was a team effort that brought about the results in Sarawak just like the lack of a team, politics of hate and being in a dysfunctional marriage has contributed to the opposition’s results.

Lim Kit Siang wanting the rakyat to believe that Najib and Adenan are not part of the same team is only another effort to try and break the harmony within Barisan National.

That was the same failed tactic that was recently tried with the Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi; it failed then and it will continue to fail. (here)

Continuing the spin; senior Lim’s son, Lim Guan Eng speaking from the same spin book as his father echoes the same party line; he praises the Chief Minister Adenan Satem by insinuating that his Adenan win was only due to his personality and that Prime Minister Najib Razak and Barisan (BN) National had little or no contribution in the results.

Lim Guan Eng also mentions how GE14 could spell trouble for the opposition, if Prime Minister Najib Razak learns from the Sarawak Menteri Besar.

In truth; young Lim is just stating the obvious as all signs point to the Opposition losing in the national election as well.

Looking ahead to General Election 14; would the Lims again use low voter turnout or phantom Bangladeshi voters as an excuse for an opposition loss?

What Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng as well as the other opposition figure heads need to do, but won’t, is look in the political mirror. If they do, they will clearly see what the people are rejecting. The people are rejecting fear based, politics of hate the surrounds the lies and fabrications they (opposition) puts forth.

The opposition and especially the DAP don’t want to face this because seeing it would only ring in the truth that they (opposition) have nothing to offer other than spinning their own failures.

So team Barisan National is content letting them (opposition) continue to spin while they continue to win!



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