Sarawakian Voters Know The Government Offers Them A Brighter Future!


Despite the opposition’s rhetoric, all indications show that Malaysia’s economical climate favors the stability of the present government.

This is especially true in Sarawak. The people of Sarawak realize that their growth is largely due to a stable government and living in harmony.  They (Sarawakians) are not appreciative of outsiders coming in trying to create an atmosphere of hate, mistrust and therefore breaking the peace!

The opposition is learning this as their effort to tarnish the national government and Prime Minister Najib Razak has largely been ignored in Sarawak!  What they (opposition) thought was a winning strategy to capture Sarawak turned out to be the one thing that the voters summarily rejected; negative, hate filled politics!

Instead of informing the people on their plans to move Sarawak even further forward; they (opposition) instead carried out a campaign strategy of criticizing the local and national government leadership in order to win the election.

The opposition tries to get voters to believe that the government only wants to court their vote and give the people nothing in return.

Again, this is a gross miscalculation on the part of the opposition.  They somehow believe that the Sarawakians are blinded to all the positive moves the local and national government have made and are making to enhance the lives of the people in Sarawak.

Fortunately, despite the negative campaign the opposition has carried out, the people will line up to cast a positive vote in support for continuity.  They feel secure in the direction the government has taken to enhance the lives of all Malaysian despite the global economic downturn.

The opposition on the other hand wants to give the impression that all the economic problems are somehow due to the government.  They also want to give the impression that by voting for them (opposition) that all will be right in Malaysia, if not the world.

However, what they (opposition) will not admit is that Sarawak’s State government and the national government as a whole are doing a good job in boosting investor confidence which bodes well for both East and West (peninsula) Malaysia!

The opposition (DAP, PKR) being the opposition, cannot admit to this as it would leave them nothing to oppose!  Therefore staying true to form; they (opposition) criticize anything the government does even when the action is good for the nation!

However, the citizens of Malaysia have started to reject the opposition’s (DAP and PKR) assortment of convoluted lies which they have been spreading about Malaysia’s governmental leadership.  From all indications, Sarawakians will through their vote show the opposition that they reject the negative path the opposition wants Malaysia to travel down.

Therefore tomorrow (May 7, 2016) Sarawakians will let their voices be heard by voting for a continuance of the stable and bright path the government has nation progressing on!

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