The Opposition Is Praying For The Pity Vote!


The DAP and PKR have no doubt seen the writing on the wall in Sarawak for some time.  Still they could not leave the state uncontested as that would set a bad precedent for GE14 in 2018

Not wanting to spend too much of their war chest on a losing cause, the opposition waited until it was absolutely necessary to show interest in the upcoming election.  When it comes to spending; it seems like they are allowing the media to get the message out for them.

There is a saying which goes; why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free!

By the opposition going before the media they can complain about how their top guns were not permitted to enter Sarawak; all in the hope of gaining the sympathy vote and spending little or nothing to get it!

Some of these wrongs include the Penang Menteri Besar, Lim Guan Eng (DAP) telling the crowd that he spoken to in Sarawak how he was delayed 20 minutes in immigration as the officer could not find the stamp.

It would be interesting to know, if anyone in the audience that remained asked him why he did not take an earlier flight.

Then there is Lim Kit Siang (DAP) who suggests that Sarawak’s present Chief Minister Adenan Satem is developing a strategy to reduce DAP numbers in the state.  In a not so subtle way LKS is implying that Adenan Satem actions will stifle the democratic process!

There are also other members of both the DAP and PKR who for one reason or another have been denied entry into Sarawak.   As a government that values the harmony among the people, they (those in Sarawak’s leadership) do not want a disturbance to the peace which has flourished there.

Having been denied entry or limited stay; the opposition parties can go before the cameras and cry how, Sarawak’s government and BN have wronged them by not allowing them to come in and stir up a bee hive!

No doubt many of those who were not allowed to travel to Sarawak, knew before hand that they would not be able to pass through immigration.  Still it makes for more dramatic TV if the denied is turned back at immigration in Sarawak as opposed to just sitting at home and complaining about it!

Actually, crying foul about not being able to enter Sarawak is not so much about getting a large number of votes on 7th May because they (opposition) not that will not take place.  The idea is try and to gain sympathy and get the pity vote in GE14.

For the opposition; 2018 (GE14) is the big prize; so they want to use ever opportunity to suggest how the government is oppressing them.  They are hoping that Malaysians will empathize with their plight and swing support their way.

The opposition believes that if they can capture Putrajaya in 2018 then it will be that much easier to capture Sarawak in 2021!

Of course they are  grasping at straws in their belief that they are able to capture Putrajaya and  East Malaysia.  Having no real program other than yellow shirts to offer the the people, their only recourse now is to cry foul and pray to get the pity vote!

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