Malaysia’s Opposition Coalition; A Chernobyl Disaster Primed To Happen!

Azmin and LGE

With elections taking place in less than a week; it is of no small matter that all eyes in Malaysia have started to focus on Sarawak.

Even the opposition (DAP and PKR) which has been so engrossed in ousting Prime Minister Najib Razak has pulled in their claws so that they try to get a seat few seats in the Sarawak elections.

Over the last week the DAP and PKR parties have complained over the allocations of seats to be contested; giving credence to the speculation that all is no well behind the smiles they are fond of displaying before the cameras.

Apparently things were getting quite testy to the point where their big guns (Azmin, the Lims and Anwar via proxy) had to scurry behind the scenes to keep all out political war from taking place.

Those in the know are not really surprised that the squabbles had taken place.  In fact, if one had been carefully watching and listen to the opposition in Peninsula Malaysia you would see the cracks beginning to form in their not so unified wall.

Some of these cracks were apparent during ‘the Kajang move’.  Others had to do with the DAP wanting Datuk Wan Azizah and not Azmin Ali to be the Menteri Besar of Sarawak.

The DAP wanted Wan Azizah because they knew that they could control her, but could not do the same with Azmin Ali.  Their (DAP) only hope to gain Selangor and install their preferred proxy would be to find some dirt on Azmin to force him out and possibly get Wan Azizah in.  However, such an ambitious plan would have to wait until they could first get the Prime Minister out of office.

The DAP does not want to do like Hitler and battle on multiple fronts.  So for now, they are content to allow Azmin to keep the Selangor Menteri Besar seat warm until they (DAP) manage to take over Purtrajaya which means Azmin has nothing to fear from his DAP “friends”!

Another crack in the DAP, PKR coalition came about as a result of working with the former Prime Minister now turned outcast; Tun Mahathir.  While opposition party members like Lim Kit Siang and Azmin Ali have their reasons to welcome Tun ‘M’ to the conspiratorial group to oust the Prime Minister; others in both the DAP and especially the PKR never really embraced Tun ‘M’ climbing into bed with them.

The Save Malaysia Campaign further strained the opposition relationship between PKR and DAP as Datuk Wan Azizah and Anwar wanted Anwar’s release as part of the ‘Savings Plan’.

Tun ‘M’ when asked to comment on Anwar as a future leader dismissed him (Anwar) as being too old to lead and as one whose personal character is questionable.

Since Anwar’s release was not part of the Save Malaysia Campaign, Datuk Wan Azizah opted out of any involvement with campaign.  However her right hand man; Azmin Ali is still actively working with Tun ‘M’ and others.  Azmin’s doing so will more than likely cause further cracks between him and Wan Azizah to widen!

The cracks witnessed between the opposition in Peninsula Malaysia and now in Sarawak are just a prelude to what may take place leading up to GE14 in the next two (2) years.

The only thing which has kept the pressure between these two (DAP and PKR) from causing a complete blow up has been having the Prime Minister as the target of their frustration; he served as their release valve.

Now that the Prime Minister has been vindicated; the existing pressure between the DAP and PKR will continue to build! Their inevitable blow up may prove to be to Malaysia’s opposition coalition what Chernobyl was to nuclear energy; a disaster!


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