Tun Mahathir; ‘Breaking Bad’!


The highly popular TV program ‘Breaking Bad’ was about chemistry teacher who was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer.  Only given two (2) years to he decides that he has nothing to lose, if he embarks on a career of drugs and crime.  He does this to ensure that his son who has cerebral palsy and his wife have a secure future!

In the series finale scene the chemist wakes up and realizes that everything that happened was all a dream!

Learning about the various twists and turns of the series as well as its climax; I could not help but draw parallels with Tun ‘M’.  I began to wonder; perhaps all Tun has been doing is his ‘breaking bad’!

Tun, like the TV character is manufacturing something illegal.  Not drugs which destroy the mind, but fabrications which are just as devastating to those who consume those lies. As Tun ‘M’ has come to realize that his life in politics is over; he has started to manufacture fabrications in the effort to secure his son’s political future; even if this means circumventing democracy!

Why not; Tun ‘M’just like the TV character has nothing to lose so he as thrown caution to the wind!

We have to remember that his is not the first time Tun ‘M’ has worked his ‘breaking bad’ formula.   Malaysians witnessed how the attacks on former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawai forced him out of office!

Having been successful before in ousting a sitting Prime Minister, Tun ‘M’ and those opposed to Prime Minister Najib Razak are trying to get the same results.

However, this time they are accusing the Prime Minister of being smart enough to steal billions of dollars, yet at the same time doing a not so smart thing by supposedly depositing the money in his personal banking account!

In the Malaysia version of ‘Breaking Bad’ Tun Dr Mahathir reluctantly teams up with his nemesis in the opposition parties in a joint effort to remove the present head of the nation in a non democratic way!

While all of the above has been going on, Tun’s son’s (Mukhriz) political life has been rapidly fading.  One might say, the shenanigans of the father have visited the son!

In the TV series ‘Breaking Bad’, the chemistry teacher is good at manufacturing and planning how to distribute drugs.

In Tun’s version of ‘Breaking Bad, he is good at manufacturing lies to try and gain support from the public and secure a future for his son.

At the opposite end of the spectrum; Tun ‘M’ is bad at giving the public what they want; and what they want is the truth and unfettered democracy!

Who knows; Tum ‘M’ may wake up and realize that his ‘breaking bad’ was also only a dream!


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