Tun ‘M’ Should Remember “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”!

Tun 1MDB

Tun Mahathir prides himself on his ability to remember chapter and verse of his various speeches; even to the point of challenging the incredulous to test him on it!

However, when it comes to 1MDB then Tun’s memory does not seem to function as well.  Case in point: Tun forgetting or overlooking the fact that Prime Minister Najib Razak was not implicated in the PAC 1MDB report.

Even with this knowledge, Tun continues to claim that something illegal has taken place with respect to 1MDB and that the Prime Minister is the ‘prime’ suspect, despite evidenc proving to the contrary.

In one way, Tun Mahathir’s actions are like a farmer who possesses only one cow and that cow has one (1) teat.  The farmer does all that he can to squeeze every last drop of milk out of that teat.

But getting that last drop of milk is not enough; the farmer (Tun ‘M’) wants more!

Tun ‘M’ wants to emotionally squeeze the Prime Minister to the point that he has no recourse other than to resign.

That is why the PAC report was not important to Tun.  It would only have had importance, if it had in some way connected the Prime Minister to some illegal activity; any other finding just fuels Tun ‘M’ to continue squeezing the 1MDB teat until it becomes numb!

And there lies a problem for Tun.  Malaysians have heard him rant about 1MDB for so long that they have become numb to the issue.  Accompanying this feeling of numbness is the growing suspicion that Tun’s constant attacks on the Prime Minister are tied to an unstated agenda!  (read)

Even with Tun’s recent exertions that more money (RM 50 billion instead of RM 42) than previously stated has been stolen, he was still unable to get the public to react!

Tun is facing the reality that time is not on his side.  Elections in Sarawak are about to take place and the GE14 is only a couple of years (2018) away!

In lieu of this, Tun ‘M’ is desperately in needs a new issue that he can sink his teeth in and try to stimulate an already emotionally exhausted public.

Unfortunately for him the ‘Panama Papers’ did not capture the collective imaginations of the rakyat and as such were only good for a couple of headlines.  Without a new issue, Tun will be view like the shepherd boy who cried wolf, in one of Aesop’s fables.

The boy kept calling for help, pretending wolves were attacking the sheep.  When the villagers arrived the boy would just laugh.  One day the boy needed help and no one showed up!

Tun has been leading his (ANC, opposition) cohorts cries of wolf over 1MDB, but when the media and people showed up, there was nothing of merit there.

Tun ‘M’ would be wise to remember the story of the boy who cried wolf; one day the media and the people will turn a deaf ear to his cries and not show up!


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