Mukhriz; If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Kitchen!

mukhriz kitchen

Since young Mahathir sees the post of Prime Minister as being too difficult, then that clearly indicates that he knows that he is not cut out for the job!

The top post in the land calls for someone who can rise to the occasion, not someone looking for a cushy position where there are no challenges.

But then again, what can you expect from someone who had it easy most of his life.

Having your father as the head honcho in the land will give the less than ambitious the expectation that all things will be easy in the land of Mahathir!

Still another way in looking at Mukhriz’s pronouncement of not wanting to be number one and that is; he is playing the humility card.  However, as endearing as it is to have that trait as part of a leader’s make up; you would rather have someone at the helm who is able to step up to the task and challenges of the nation’s top position with confidence!

If humility is Mukhriz’s lead contributor to the nation’s development then he is better off entering a Mr. congeniality contest where being popular is important!

Those who desire only to be liked will avoid the tough and unpleasant measures that are needed for the good of the nation.  That is why Prime Minister Najib Razak is a leader; he makes a decision like imposing a GST that was highly unpopular when it was initially implemented.

Up to today; the opposition still criticizes the GST while not stating how to replace the revenue the GST generates. Their critique has more to do with garnering support from the public; as they know, but would be hard pressed to admit that with the slow down of the world’s economy, the government had to find a way to keep the nation moving forward.

The opposition just like Mukhriz wants to avoid the unpopular decisions, but want the title, recognition access to power that come with being at the head of the government!

Mukhriz if he has (which he has) any desire to hold the top post, only wants to do so when times are good.  Rolling up his sleeves and actually working for the nation is something which he seems to indicate he is not prepared to  nor have the desire to do!

Having the same family name, but opposite in character is his father Tun Mahathir. Although Tun ‘M’ has become extremely delusional when it comes to the Prime Minister and missing funds. one would be hard pressed to say the he would dodge making difficult decision when he was at the head of the government.

Tun ‘M’ knows that his son Mukhriz does not have the same drive that carried him to the top; which is no doubt why Tun ‘M’ is waging his proxy battle on his son’s behalf.  If Mukhriz had his father’s drive instead of his name, he would never have indicated that he is fearful of the heat that comes hand in hand with the position of Prime Minister;  he like any real leader would step up and embrace the challenge!

There is a saying that we can apply to Mukhriz; if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Or in Mukhriz case; if you can’t stand the heat, don’t consider nor apply for the position!



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