When Mahathir Shows Up; Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts!

So what is Tun ‘M’ up to now?  He is on the street again; this time under the guise of supporting workers rights.

Tun ‘M’ needs bodies around him so that he can evangelize his gospel to get rid of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

According to the gospel of Tun ‘M’ there is the good saviour (Tun) and his work to save humanity in Malaysia and there is evil; the Prime Minister who Tun claims has robbed the people’s money and trust.

In order to perpetuate his gospel; Tun ‘M’ must go where he perceives a sympathetic audience might be gathered.  Therefore,  there should be little surprise that he would show up at a workers rally.

At the Rally, Tun ‘M’ can place any and all ills with the world at the doorstep of the Prime Minister!

To make his gospel even more relevant; Tun ‘M’ will more than likely work into his talk how wrong it is for the Prime Minister to impose the GST as well as how the Prime Minister has stolen billions upon billions from 1MDB; his all time favorite topic!

Tun ‘M’ will certainly give the impression that to the workers that he is there for them and only them.  Then he will probably further state that if the workers would only sign his Save Malaysia petition he (Tun ‘M’) would be empowered to do even more on the workers behalf!

Tun ‘M’ realizes that just being on TV is not enough; he has to use whatever status he has left to try and get the man and woman on the street behind his cause.  Without the people; Mahathir knows that he is nothing!

Mahathir’s actions are much like that of a leech!  He will attach himself to any cause, just as long as there are warm bodies present.   Leeches anesthetise the area they are sucking so that the host has no idea what is going on until like the trojan horse; it is too late!.

Tun ‘M’ does the same; he comes in under the guise of being empathetic to the needs of the people.  His empathy is what anesthetises the people to what he is really wants; and that is to poison the listener’s minds against the Prime Minister.  In his own way, he will insinuate that all of their woes and trouble are the fault of that one person.

In his plea, Tun ‘M’ will suggest that removing that one person from office will magically resolve ever ill that has ever fallen on Malaysia since the dawn of time!

If asked who would replace the Prime Minister after he is removed, Tun ‘M’ will not come out directly and say!  However, do not be fooled. Remember he has shown up to support your rally or cause; in other word has shown up to scratch your back!   At the right time Tun ‘M’ will suggest that he or his son has an itch that needs scratching!

It will be made clear at that time that he has scratched your back and now it is time to scratch his by putting his son as number one!

So that next time Tun ‘M’ shows up at one of your rallies, remember the following.

“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” has a new meaning ‘Beware of Mahathir giving support’!



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