Tun; The ‘M’ Does Not Stand For Messiah!

Super M

Tun ‘M’ is quickly learning that he cannot walk on water (1MDB report) or fly over Proton’s troubles!!

Perhaps during his 20 plus year reign he believed that he could.  If so, he is finding that he is neck deep in it now and the tide is rising against him!

He is probably as surprise as everyone that he can no longer snap his finger or shoot a glance to get what he wants no questions asked.  In the past, those who did raise questions or went against him soon found themselves facing the wrath of Tun!

Having so much power for so long has to give even the most devout, somewhat of a Messiah syndrome.  People love you because of what you can do for them and fear you because of what you can do to them!  In Roman times, it was like Nero giving a thumb up or down; only with Tun ‘M’ it was not to determine life or death, but who would move up or down the ladder of success!

During the years Tun ‘M’ ruled, his word was law.  Any opposition to what he stated as facts were casts aside and his ‘truth’ was seen as written in stone.  There was no need for him to change narratives or shift goalposts of proof.  If he said RM 42 billion disappeared into thin air then that is what happened.  The amount did not reduce or inflate to over RM50 billion.  It did not have too because if Tun said it, it was Truth!

These days, it must be very strange for Tun ‘M’ to not only fabricate 1MDB fables, but to continuously change the fabrication to keep the lie going!

Also during the years when Tun ‘M’ ruled; it was almost given (at least in his mind) that his son Mukhriz would be ready by the time 2020 rolled around to walk in his father footsteps as the leader of Malaysia!

Mukhriz seeing how much power his father wielded probably believed that it was his divine destination to rule Malaysia just like his father had.   As such, it seems that Mukhriz spent no more time than absolutely necessary rubbing shoulders and getting to know the people he would presumably govern one day.  After all, it was his divine destiny to rule the nation!

One of the truths about divine destiny is; it’s divine.   Those politicians who do not have their noses in the sky or in someone’s body cavity realize that it is the rakyat that they are called upon to serve and you can only go so far without their support unless your father holds the top post!

Having dear old dad to open doors only works when dad is still in office.  Mukhriz’s fate was sealed once Tun ‘M’ stepped down as Prime Minister.  Had Mukhriz been older and more seasoned, Tun probably could have used his self appointed power to create a position where his son would be on the fast track to the big office in Putrajaya.

The lack of power that Tun ‘M’ has is evident in the fact that he could not save his son from going down as Menteri Basar of Kedah or Proton from going belly up without government intervention!

In the old days; very few brave souls would dare to suggest that Mukhriz was not fit to stay on as Chief Minister or that Proton should survive or sink on its own ability!

Further proof on how far Tun has sunk; in the old days, he would scoff at the mere idea of working with Lim Kit Siang, Lim’s beleaguered son (Lim Guang Eng) or any other member of the ANC (Anti-Najib Campaign).

Now, he is sharing their (ANC et al) bed and begging citizens to sign a petition to support their cause to save the nation from an invented evil!  A cause that is as lost as Tun ‘M’ is now that he no longer wields absolute power.

Tun ‘M’ is learning that the ‘M’ does not stand for messiah!

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