Tun ‘M’ Says; Show Me The Money’!

Tun 1MDB

That line comes from the movie “Jerry Maguiere”

In one of the movie’s defining scenes, the star athlete repeatedly asks his agent Jerry ‘M’ to show him the money!

Tun ‘M’ is coming in a very close second in his obsession for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to show him the money!

First he wanted to see the invisible RM42 Billion then he wanted to see if RM 2.6 billion of 1MDB money found its way in to the Prime Minister’s ‘personal account’ here in Malaysia.  Why Tun ‘M’ would think that the Prime Minister would put stolen money in his personal savings account is beyond reasonable thought.

Still having a thirst for Najib and money; Tun filed a lawsuit against the Prime Minister to recover the money that Tun claims had vanished from the 1MDB coffers.

Next, after a generous Saudi prince confirmed that the money transferred to the Prime Minister was in fact a gift; Tun ‘M’ stated that he wanted the Saudi donor to show proof of the money trail; probably from the printing of the currency to method of actual transfer.  In other words; Tun ‘M’ wanted the Saudi to ‘show him the money’!

With his itch still not scratched; Tun ‘M’ now wants the Prime Minister’s personal accounts frozen to prevent the 1MDB money that was never there from being transferred once again into thin air!

No doubt the saga he has created over 1MDB helps Tun ‘M’ enjoy this stage of his retirement.  If 1MDB did not exist, Tun would have to create another myth to try and force the Prime Minister out of office so that his son could find his way into that same office!

There is a saying among the police; No body not crime!

With respect to 1MDB; nothing stolen no crime!

And nothing stolen is the absolute worst scenario for Tun ‘M’.  He needs for there to have been a crime committed; even if he has to shift the original lie around to give the impression that a crime had taken place!

It has become abundantly clear that Tun ‘M’ doesn’t really want the Prime Minister or anyone else to ‘show him the money’.  Case in point; when funds are accounted for, he shifts what he constitutes as proof in another direction.

What Tun ‘M’ is doing is using 1MDB as an excuse to try and implicate Prime Minister Najib Razak in the court of public opinion with the hopes the he will resign!

And there is as much chance of the Prime Minister resigning as there is for Tun ‘M’ to admit that he and the ANC knew that there was no money stolen!

So the Prime Minister can continue to lead up to and beyond GE14 and Tun ‘M’ can continue to amuse himself by saying to the Prime Minister; ‘show me the money!

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