When The Opposition Mentions Democracy; The People Hear Coup D’Etat!


Realizing that the citizens were not buying into reasons for wanting to unseat Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, the opposition has now discovered a word the goes against everything they have attempted so far; democracy!

Or does coup d’etat actually mean democracy to them!

It is quite apparent that the sole purpose of every lie the opposition has told and their every fabrication was in an effort to undemocratically remove the Prime Minister from office.

The ANC (DAP, PKR, Tun ‘M’ and the rest of the conspirators) are obviously practicing a form of democracy where it is ok to engage in underhanded tricks in order to get what they want at the expense of the democratic process!

This democratic process allows each eligible person the right to choose the leadership they want to govern Malaysia.  Some may choose to not exercise that right and this too is a privilege afforded them in a democracy. When the process is manipulated to remove the sitting head of state you are telling the people that their vote does not matter!

Another privilege offered in a democracy is allowing (as in 1MDB) the legal process to run its course without innuendo and false statements being made before the process is completed in an effort to convict in the court of public opinion.

Those who claim to have the peoples interest at the forefront should set an example and allow the results speak for themselves at the conclusion of the investigative process!

Unfortunately, respecting the vote or investigative procedures does not seem to be part of the opposition’s view of democracy.  From their actions and statements; things have to be their way or no way at all!

The opposition likes to espouse rule of law and prioritising the people’s interest, but this is far from the reality they are portraying!

When is attempting a coup d’etat the rule of law even when there are no guns involved!  The results are the same when the legal head of government is removed illegally!

It is same as if you end a life with a gun because of hate or euthanize the person because you claim you love them; dead is dead!  Therefore a coup d’etat is the same whether there is bloodshed or not; the results are that the legally elected leader is illegally removed from office!

The opposition also speaks about prioritising the interest of the people.  The only people whose interest they have in mind are their own.  The real people will be fortunate, if they are the beneficiaries of the crumbs which are left behind!

If the opposition really wants democracy, they should immediately stop all their undemocratic efforts to remove the Prime Minister and place their trust in the GE14 democratic process!

Anything less than that just proves that the only democracy that the opposition wants is one where their interest supersedes that of the people’s!

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