Tun Mahathir’s Biggest Regret!

Tun Mahathir says that his regret is not with what he created, but with regards to the mentality of the people in UMNO.

Perhaps if UMNO MPs were to support him in his effort to oust Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, he would see those same people as visionaries.  It is interesting how when things don’t go your way you find fault with those do not share the same view of the world as you do.

One has to wonder if he bundles former Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin or his son Mukhriz with those he finds fault with in UMNO or are they exempt.

Since Tun is looking at his regrets; perhaps he should add his failing to place his son Mukhriz in position to someday be Prime Minister.  Well it stands to reason, if he (Tun ‘M’) cannot manage to get him elected as Malaysia’a Youth Minister then reaching for number one is a way beyond his reach!

Yes, Mukhriz did serve however briefly as the Menteri Besar for Kedah, but that was more or less given to him gift wrapped!

It is difficult to believe that without the name Mahathir that Mukhriz could have ever gone as far as he has on his own.  However, in the end; even with the pedigree of his name, it still was not enough weight to keep him secure as the Kedah Menteri Besar!

Perhaps Tun ‘M’ privately regrets not tutoring his son in the ways of politics or in Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’.

If Mukhriz has not read the book then that could explain the miscalculations which resulted in his being removed; I mean resigning from his post as Chief Minister.

If he has read ‘The Art of War’ and the relevance was lost on him; all that can be said is tsk-tsk!

Apparently, the only political skill that Tun ‘M’ passed on to his son is how to repeat false allegations and to not own up to being wrong after finding out the truth.

Mukhriz should have used better judgement and realized that dear old dad unlike him, had nothing to lose.  He (Tun) can continue to rant, rave and fabricate over nonsense from now until a new conspiracy captures his imagination.

Mukhriz should have understood during the whole uproar over 1MDB that the Prime Minister’s lack of panic was his way of saying ‘I’m innocent of all the lies the opposition is hurling at me’!

Instead, Mukhriz probably thought the he had a clear path to Putrajaya and that all he had to do was ride on his father’s past reputation to get there.

What would have been smarter is for Mukhriz to have paved his own path toward the future as not everyone sees the past with Mahathir at the helm of government with the same biased eyes as his son!

Those same people (inclusive of the opposition) who do not share nostalgic memories under Tun do not want to see someone in Putrajaya that will be to Tun, what Datuk Wan Azizah is to her husband; a puppet!

No matter how many in the opposition Tun ‘M’ manages to gain support from; his biggest regret will always be in not getting his son to be number one!


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