The Opposition’s ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’ Routine With Zahid Hamidi!


If you are not familiar with the ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’ routine; here it is:

Good cop bad cop is used to refer to a police interrogation technique in which one officer pretends to be supportive or protective while another adopts an aggressive approach.

On Wednesday we started to see this play out when former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin stated that he would not mind, if Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (the present deputy prime minister) became number one!

Joining Muhyiddin, we now have Datuk Zaid Ibrahim also openly supporting deputy prime minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to be Prime Minister.

These two (2) presently make up the good cop team.  They want to give the impression that they are endorsing number two (2) to replace number one! Could it be that they are in fact speaking with the mouths what is not in their hearts!

As of today, Muhyiddin and Zaid are the only senior members of the ANC who are openly voicing their support for the deputy prime minister Zahid.

The ANC does not want to expose their tactic so they will keep the number of vocal supporters to a minimum for now.  Too many supporters too soon will look contrived; as if they think it doesn’t already!

Playing the role of bad cops at the moment; we have both Cynthia Gabriel, director of the anti corruption group C4 and Azrul Mohammad Khalib the social activist behind the Citizens Declaration online petition.

Their task is to give reasons why the prime minister should not move up to the role of Prime Minister.

People like them are the counter weight which they ANC hopes will cause the rakyat to swing support away from Prime Minister Najib Razak over to Zahid!

The truth of the matter is this; it does not matter what the good cops or the bad cops say or do; they are just different sides of the same 50 sens coin.  Which ever side you look at, it’s still the same coin.

As I have written previously (read); the only reason the opposition is playing good cop bad cop is to try to create discord between the deputy prime minister and the Prime Minister.

However, playing this type of game further confirms the fact that the ANC and its various components, (DAP, PKR, Amanah, Tun ‘M’ and others) are at a loss to what to do next in the effort to remove Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak from office.

The good cop bad cop routine will fail as it is more effective on novice or first time politicians who operate from their egos!

Seasoned politicians like the deputy prime minister and the Prime Minister are all too aware of these types of ploys.  They have been around long enough to know that the good cop’s cheap flattery or the bad cop’s aggressive behavior only has one goal.

And the only goal it serves is to try and drive a wedge between number one and number two so that the ANC can replace them and rule!


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