Mahathir’s Blue Pill Keeps Him Living In A Dream World!

If you are familiar with the movie ‘The Matrix’, Morpheus presents a choice;

‘You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.  You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland’, (reality)!

It has become apparent that each time Tun speaks about getting rid of the Prime Minister, he has made the wrong choice!

In case you have not heard or read, Tun ‘M’ has now resorted to begging Malaysians to not be afraid and to sign his and his co-conspirator’s citizen’s petition.

His pleas only prove that he has chosen to take the blue pill and is living in a dream world!

In his dream world, he believes that the citizens have something to fear!  Perhaps he is recalling a period of fear when he was at the head of the government!

He goes on incessantly about how he wants Prime Minister Najib removed from office, but the only justification for this removal is his fixation on 1MDB.

Again, in Tun’s dream world the PAC has either not finished their investigation or has found the Prime Minister guilty of some malfeasance.

Although the reality that the red pill offers is available; Tun ‘M’ still prefers to live in a world that fits his myopic picture of reality.

His reality insists that no matter what the Prime Minister is guilty of something no matter how minor or as insignificant! It could be as trivial as the PM stirring his tea to the right instead of to the left, it does not matter as far as Tun is concerned; any infraction is grounds for the Prime Minister’s removal from office.

Also in Tun’s dream world, he has a vision for Malaysia’s future which does not include a democracy.  Instead there is an autocratic government where only he and those who agree with him are allowed to share in his version of a democratic choice.   He foresees this choice reaching fruition in 2020!

Since he finds solace in his slumber; Tun does not see the need to take the red pill and return to reality, because in doing so it would cause all of his dreams to vanish like his RM 42 billion into thin air!

Therefore Tun ‘M’ has not only elected to stay comfortably in his dream state, but has introduced the blue pill to his fellow anti democracy conspirators!

That is why despite all the signs before them, the opposition refuses to wake up to the reality that says; their cause is as lost as Tun’s no so secret Malaysia vision 2020 (read)




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