Mukhriz Is Mahathir’s Vision 2020; ‘Position My Son or You Are Done’!

How many of you find it interesting that Tun Mahathir has an opinion on everything concerning Malaysia, 1MDB, the Prime Minister and how a bridge should wind and weave a path to Singapore, but when it comes to who should be the Prime Minister after Najib is either mute or have no opinion.

This is the same the same man mind you who had the vision for the world’s largest twin towers and the architect behind some tallest lies when it comes to the Prime Minister!

His thoughts are probably; if you are going to go big, go big in everything including fabrications!

So our big idea man wants us to believe that he hasn’t the smallest idea on who he would like to see at the helm of the nation’s leadership!

Are there some neurological files missing from his brain when it comes to this subject, but work however mistakenly when he banters on incessantly about other matters that are stuck in his brain.

Maybe some of these brain cell segments are missing and or corrupted and needs to be defragmented.  This would explain to a degree Tun’s ever shifting rationale to why Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak should be removed of office.

Here is what would be interesting; suppose all his new (opposition) bed mates say that as a matter of principle and not wanting to have a conflict of interest; that Mukhriz should not now or ever serve as Deputy or Prime Minister!

To make this new declaration even more revealing; Tun ‘M’ conspirator partners should make the announcement at their next media day love fest while Tun ‘M’ is seating with them!

Such a proclamation would cause the chameleon who claims to not have an idea who he would like to see as Prime Minister, change his color fast!

Mahathir’s face flushed with blood or drained of it would quickly start to express an opinion on a matter that he previously did not have an opinion on.

He might suddenly scream out ‘No’ Mukhriz has to be in position to take over!

Doing so would openly reveal what many have known all along; Tun’s not so secret agenda!

An alternative possibility is that he would sit there with knives sticking out of his back inwardly seething and calculating how to expedite his earlier plan of ditching his conspiratorial partners!

For Tun ‘M” it really doesn’t matter who he has to go through to get what he wants.  If his new opposition friends don’t realize this, than they are still living in the dream world where they believe they can win GE14!

Tun Mahathir’s vision 2020 has never been about the people of Malaysia, but about his son Mukhriz becoming Prime Minister.

Tun ‘M’ proclamation to all of those who have worked or are presently working with Tun Mahathir to overthrow the Prime Minister; position my son or you are done!


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