Mahathir’s Hotel (1MDB) California; The Issue He Can Never Leave!

Tun 1MDB

Some years back many of read or heard of school girls who for no explainable reason became hysterical.  Was is it some sudden fear of an imagined evil; did they see into the abyss of their own souls or was it a cry for attention.  Sometimes when a person gets a thought fixed in their heads it is hard to let go of the idea.

It is much like thinking of a song and it keeps playing over and over in your head. The more you try not to think of it the more you do. For example ‘Hotel California’

Mahathir seems to be enacting the hysterical or overly zealous behaviour as those school girls.  But here you might say; Mahathir is not running around screaming and crying!

Correct!  A man of his age (over 90 years); can display calm hysterical behaviour and still have the symptoms.

When Mahathir alludes to all of Malaysia’s troubles being due to Prime Minister Najib Razak; he is imagining an evil that does not exist.

Also think about Mahathir’s delusions on the disappearing RM42 Billion, then the reducing RM2.8 Billion and now increasing to RM50 or even more!

I guess he added ‘more’ to give himself room as he will have to constantly make adjustments.

These patterns display a behavior that is not quite on the track of normality.

Tun Mahathir is a man on a mental hamster wheel with the song Hotel (1MDB) California stuck in his mind.  He cannot let go even if he wanted too!

His only recourse is to rant, chair meetings, hold rallies or ask for international help to confirm that he is not going mad; and that the song Hotel (1MDB) California actually entails not only the billions which were allegedly stolen, but also other illegalities that have yet to be imagined!.

Think back to when he was (cognitively) healthier, Mahathir would never think to seek help from Australia, the USA or the U.K.  Now, he is hintng (whether directly or indirectly it’s a very fine line) that they (foreign governments) should somehow intervene in Malaysia’s affairs.

With his rants and raves causing no effect; Mahathir is probably becoming perplexed to why these foreign governments cannot also hear the version of Hotel (1MDB) California that is constantly playing in his mind keeping him up at nights!

At some point one begins to wonder has Mahathir checked into the Hotel (1MDB) California and cannot find door out to so that he can let it go!

As the last line of the song states; you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!

So perhaps this is the hysteria that plagues Tun Dr Mahathir; having to live with 1MDB as his imagined companion!



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