WrestleMania GE14; The Opposition vs. Democracy!

wrestle pinning

Have you ever watched the highly theatrical WWE; where one of the combatants having been pinned for the two (2) count suddenly lifts a shoulder before the count of three?

Or just before the referee gets to three, another wrestler distracts him, thus giving the one almost pinned time to use an illegal tactic in his quest snatch victory from defeat!

The same thing seems to be happening in Malaysia in a match between the opposition and democracy!

Do you remember in December (2015) when victory was at hand for the champion (democracy) and the opposition all but conceded defeat? No!

This is what The Star reported in December 2015

(The Star) – Even if Pakatan Rakyat is recreated, it will not be able to defeat the ruling coalition in the next general election, says DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang

However, just like in the WWE there is always a side distraction to give the opponent (the opposition) to democracy what they believe is their lifeline of help.

One such lifeline came in the form of the masked man who pretended to work in support of democracy until his (Muhyiddin Yassin) mask was removed.

Then there was Tun Dr Mahathir easing into bed next to Lim Kit Siang and others after packing up and leaving UMNO; lagi!  The ripples in democracy were hardly noticed.

Still another lifeline to the opposition came in the form of young Mukhriz.  Mukhriz did not know the nuances of how the political wrestling match is played and misguidedly chose to go against the people’s champion; democracy and suffered perhaps a career ending defeat!

One of the many open opponents against democracy is the opposition’s court jester (Tony Pua), the self proclaimed savior of the ‘PAC’! His presence throughout was just to offer comic relief!

However, the TV cameras and media attention obviously gave him a false sense of grandeur to the point where he arrogantly wanted to have a live televised debate with Arul Kanda over 1MDB. His handlers in the opposition knew that Tony would have embarrassed the party if the debate took place, prompting Tony to duck for cover.

But as with any narcotic; the TV cameras are like a drug for Tony, so realizing that his brief 15 minutes of faux fame are almost over; he is now trying to add caveats to the very 1MDB report that he along with the other PAC members signed off on.

His recent critical statements of the 1MDB report prompted fellow PAC member Liang Teck Meng (Gerakan Secretary-General and Simpang Rengam MP) to tell Pua to stop grandstanding!  He probably had an explicit adjective to use that goes with ‘shut up’, but elected to use grandstanding instead!

If there is a lesson for our court jester; that lesson is, pride comes before a fall.  Look no further than Penang!

As written at the beginning, all of these distraction or lifelines are in an effort to help the opposition defeat democracy!

We are seeing indications of the mixed tag team partnership of Lim Kit Siang and Tun ‘M’ entering a new phase as the former is seeing his son being pinned down in a land match in Penang.

The elder Lim sees the only chance to keep his son from defeat is to sell his soul to the one man that he could not (probably still cannot) stomach not very long ago!

Teamed up with the two (2) elder grapplers (Tun ‘M’, Lim Kit Siang) for what is building to be Wrestlemania GE14, are Datuk Wan Azizah (alias ‘Madame Fan’) and an assortment of others who collectively will try and defeat the one opponent that stands in the their way; Democracy!



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