The Inevitable Demise Of Frankenstein’s Monster!

Some people live in a perpetual state of denial even when their faces are splashed with the cold reality of truth!

Well before Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) presented their final report, it was becoming apparent that those (DAP, PKR, Tun ‘M’ etc) who cried foul over what Prime Minister Najib Razak has allegedly stolen were in desperation mode!

It seemed as though this desperation was shown on a daily basis as they constantly held news conference after news conference to announce the rag tag group of conspirator’s plan to work together to save Malaysia.

Even during the news event one could not help, but feel that there was something not quite cohesive about the makeup of the group.  The collection of assembled bodies seemed more like Frankenstein’s monster than a truly cohesive body.

images (9)

One could not help but sense that the Frankenstein monster claim to want to

Frankenstein 1

‘Save Malaysia’

has ulterior motives!

The head (Tun Dr Mahathir) wants its seed to advance; the body (DAP) ‘had’ a growing appetite for Putrajaya, the left hand (PKR de facto president) wants to fan the walls of the prison down and the right hand (PKR vice president) wants to stroke the head and keep the body in check and the right hand busy fanning; the feet (Amanah and the rest) are just vehicles for the other’s use!

It was of no surprise that the rakyat never turned out for the monster’s citizen’s declaration, people’s congress and Save Malaysia Rally as something did not quite ring true with this (conspirator) monstrosity!

In addition to giving the sense of having their own agendas; the conspirator’s efforts to thwart democracy by fabricating lies to force the Prime Minister out of office also caused many people to question whose interest were at the forefront; the people’s or their own!

The (PAC) report makes the answer obvious; Prime Minister Najib Razak is innocent of all fabricated charges!

However, even with the cold water of truth splashed in the faces of some; there are still those who prefer to believe fabrications and lies Frankenstein’s monster (the opposition) created. For some of them it is a personal dislike for others it is something uglier!

All of that may not matter much longer as we are now we are beginning to see the threads that loosely hold the monster together start to become undone.

The fanning hand announced that it does not want to be part of the body as no wind was coming forth to help fan down the prison walls.

The body’s stomach is upset due to a cheap meal it consumed in Penang and may have to make a deal with ‘the doctor’ to avoid surgical removal!

The feet are tripping over each other trying to figure out how they ended up in the quagmire that they are stuck in.

And what of the head you ask!

The head only sees what it wants and if that means readjusting the initial lie to make it a bigger one, then Frankenstein’s head is prepared to do just that!

Like the original monster trying to fight the flames of fire for its survival; Malaysia’s Frankenstein’s monster (the ANC) is trying fight the flames of truth by perpetuating more fabrication and lies!


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