When Lim Guang Eng’s ‘House Of Cards’ Begin To Fall!

The general meaning of the phrase ‘House Of Cards” is : A structure or argument built on a shaky foundation or one that will collapse, if a necessary element is removed.

With Abdul Rahman Dahlan’s recent revelation (read), Penang’s Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (who is a vocal critic of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak) is finding himself standing on a shaky foundation, and I don’t mean under his house!

Inviting Abdul Rahman Dahlan, the media or anyone else over for tea or coffee will not calm the storm that is building over his controversial purchase of the mansion; I mean bungalow!

Documents (see link above) lists the real value of the land as well as how it was designated for low cost housing projects.

However, due to what may be questionable business maneuverings, it is now used for a much more worthy cause; a family’s residence!  After all, who would need low cost housing when ‘a bungalow’ could be used as the Chief Minister’s residence!

Perhaps, the CM’s intent was to open up his home to all the families who will be out of a place to live now that the low cost housing project is dead!

As a man who is good with numbers; I am sure the Penang’s Menteri Besar calculated the space required in his home to give comfort to all of those families his purchase has inconvenienced!

Let’s look at the math; 1 Bungalow housing 1 family = 270 affordable home housing 270 families.

The Lim family may further justify their purchase by saying they plan to host Chinese New Year, Deepavalli, Christmas and even Hari Raya functions in our home!

Let’s take a look at what those 270 families have to offer.

Multiple families celebrating Chinese New Year

Multiple families celebrating Deepavalli

Multiple families celebrating Christmas

Multiple families celebrating Hari Raya

Not losing the fact of all the birthday celebrations, engagements, anniversaries etc held there which will serve to boost the economy of the surrounding area’s all as a result of the 270 families living there!

From a leadership perspective; Penang’s Chief Minister should have realized the social and economic importance of having the land used to house 270 families is a much greater good than its use to house just one family; his!

As for those 270 families and surrounding businesses who were screwed; they are probably feeling a sense of delight, now that the case of Lim’s below market price Bungalow has come to light!




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