When A Marriage Of Convenience Is No Longer Convenient!


The brief touch and go marriage of PKR with ‘Save Malaysia’ came to an end when it became abundantly clear that Save Malaysia included saving everything, but Anwar Ibrahim!

No matter how Anwar Ibrahim’s loyal fan totting wife Datuk Wan Azizah tried to squeeze his release into the list of demands; his cause was not taken up by the myriad of other conspirators who have their own agendas; none of which include Anwar!

Realizing that her sole purpose these days (seeing her husband out from behind bars) vanished quicker than Tun’s factious RM 42 billion; her husband sent word out to file papers for divorce from the loosely knit group of despots!

It would be naive to think that she came to this grand decision on her own as she is largely viewed as the ventriloquist’s object (I’m being nice) used to express his thoughts!

I wonder if she misses her time in university when she could actually express thoughts of own.

No longer her own person; she carried out her orders like a dutiful wife/figure head of PKR and said that she will not take part in the “Save Malaysia” coalition as she feels that it is not necessary.

Translation: If what I want is not part of the package; screw them!

The only way she (really Anwar) will do another about face, is for the other members of the hodgepodge (ANC, DAP, Tun ‘M’) to agree to make Anwar’s unconditional release part of their rallying cry!

A pardon will not be acceptable as it still holds the stigma that Anwar was nakel nakel with his stick!

However at the present time, the tacit consensus among the opposition is to let him do his time for the crime.

The opposition is content to plod along riding the horse named Mahathir until they find another icon to attach their wagon.  For Tun Mahathir; he is content taking the other political lackeys for a ride as he is determined to be the last man standing!

As for Anwar Ibrahim; he can only hope that time passes quickly as the only seat he will be contesting during GE14 and GE15 is one in front of the TV in Sungai Buloh!

Now that the Anwars (husband and wife) are distancing themselves from “Save Malaysia”, it is just a matter of time before others in the opposition see the futility of the hastily arranged marriage of convenience and file for divorce or seek an annulment as well.

By all convention; no normal marriage can last when the parties involved inwardly loathe and have contempt for each other.

This loathing may necessitate the little lady with the fan to put her fanning skills to use other than trying to appear taller during media events!

She may be called upon to fan things down because the opposition’s marriage of convenience is headed for an inevitable meltdown!



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